Latest Construction Trends in Pakistan Residential Property Sector


Latest Construction Trends in Pakistan Residential Property Sector

Construction sector has a close-knit bond with real estate sector and these both sectors play a key role in any country's economic growth. A trend has been observed in Pakistan that as the economy improves, Pakistan real estate sector grows and often the construction market does as well. Despite the current political turmoil in Pakistan, the activity in realty or construction market has not come to a standstill. We conducted meetings with notable architects, engineers and construction company representatives to find out the current happenings and development in construction industry. They gave us insights into the residential properties construction trends to look for this and coming year.

Efficient Space Utilization

Gone are the days, when only bungalows with large porches were considered attractive and trendy. A shift towards smaller homes, constructed to give smart, spacious and chic look, has been observed. As per our experts, new home construction trend is being contemporary and well-defined in appearance than unnecessarily stuffing your home. Architects focus on open floor plan as it offers more usable space such as kitchen that opens to dining area, lift and slide doors and fewer hallways. Efficiency is key so architects & contractors better try to utilize the entire space and make it completely usable for the dwellers.

Creating a Statement

Real estate experts say that people should experiment while constructing their dream homes. They say if you are not ready to put up wallpapers on walls & ceilings of living rooms, don't do it. However, you must look at other construction trends like glass & metal trend and apply it in your home. You can also go for patterned wood floors, intricate wood design cabinets in kitchen or wrought iron staircase. Experiment a bold wallpaper, loud paint colour or unique tile pattern in powder room and change it later, if you want something new there. Touchless faucets are great innovation and now are available in a variety of designs, styles and finishes. Get rid of the hassle of turning on or off a tap and add a luxurious touch to your powder room.

Classy Kitchens are Essential

Kitchens give x-factor to homes. You might have also heard that kitchens are the heart of homes. The conventional types of kitchens have been transformed to a relatively simple yet chic style. Now you do not need to have drawers and cabinets in every single inch of the kitchen as black counter-tops, open or completely enclosed cabinets with plain glass windows give a sleek look to the entire kitchen. Moreover, mosaic style kitchen tiles for walls and wooden or vinyl wood flooring are in trend. Other than wood furnishing, you can go for different other materials like stainless steel or aluminium to make cabinets and other storage spaces in kitchen. Completely white or completely black kitchens are also coming back.

Go Green

Technological advancements are no longer limited to one sector only as architects & contractors are already making the most of it. Employing the new technology, builders construct smart homes that are heat & cold resistant, have environment-friendly paints, clean-air filtration systems and moreover, have energy efficient appliances & fixtures and sensors. A new trend has been observed that people want "healthy homes". Though adding energy efficient appliances in your home do not make you an environmentalist but it is like taking a smarter step towards green building concept.

This is brief description of latest home construction trends in Pakistan and if you have something more to share with us, do let us know through comments

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