Lahore Goes Vertical – Two New High-rise Developments in the City



When we talk about growth, development and progress of Pakistan real estate sector, Lahore holds a prestigious place. It has played a vital role in boosting the realty sector of the country and keeping the true essence of the country alive within the boundaries. That is why, everyone wants to be a part of this lively city to experience its various cultures and traditions. In order to provide living space for everyone, Lahore has been launching a number of residential projects for long.

And now, to meeting ever-growing demand of people flocking to this city, the city has decided to go vertical. Let' s have a look at few of the top-notch apartment projects in Lahore.

Address 73

To stand above the crowd and to differentiate from the plethora of luxury apartments, the DCC developers have decided to launch a different kind of project, named Address 73. The project is designed after giving due consideration to the factors that make apartment living difficult and complicated. For instance, Address 73 will be first of its kind of development, where the entire building would be covered with weather-insulated facade. The cargo elevator meant for garbage is at the back. From welcoming to maintenance staff, the project will be like any five star hotel, apart from room service.

Considering the contingencies like earthquake and fire, the building is planned to be earthquake resistant to over 10 Richter scale. Two non-slippery fire escapes are strategically located; the walls and paints are fire resistant.

Opus Luxury Residences

Seeing the trend of high-rise apartment projects in Lahore, the Empire Holdings decided to try his luck in Lahore real estate sector and launched Opus Luxury Residences back in 2016. The project was halted due to increased taxes on the real estate sector but soon after, the developer has started working on the project again.

Comprising of 42 apartments on ground plus six floors with two basements, Opus offers the affluent two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses. The residents of Lahore are usually not fond of apartment living but it is not wrong to say that apartments are the future of city, especially, because new generation looks for change and adopts every new viable idea.

Moreover, land availability is another factor, which is limited. There is no other option apart from going vertical. Proud of his project, Umer states that Opus luxury apartments are providing housing and amenities at a price which is not possible to have in a house. Even if someone is able to build a house in the same cost, he will only have a brick and cement structure without air conditioners, pool, gym, security, standby generator capacity, and kids’ play area.

In addition to all this, Empire Holding also offers its customers with kitchen and electrical appliances, and smart metering with a standby backup support of power generation.

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