Is Home Staging Essential or Not Before Selling?



When it comes to selling your home, home staging definitely plays a role of makeup or plastic surgery for your home. It makes your home look good (usually at its best) during the sales span. Before putting your home on market, you fill it with finest pieces of furniture, the best accessories, wall hangings and chic wallpapers to enhance the beauty of otherwise empty home with bare floors and walls.

However, we usually have a misconception that home staging is a way to conceal your homes’ flaws. This is not true! Home staging does not conceal any flaw but it accentuates the space. Home staging means showing your home in the best possible condition as it helps potential buyers imagine what their home will look like, otherwise it becomes hard for them to imagine, when it is empty.

And the worth of home staging is also learnt from the experience as the results are always impressive. People sell their homes at better price with home staging technique. Despite the fact that home staging costs u a hefty figure (amount varies with the size of your home) but it gives a new life to your home making it a better investment option for the potential buyers. In short, home staging helps homeowners get higher prices, multiple buyers and quick deals.

However, there are real estate experts who believe that home staging is not always essential. For instance, if you are selling a home in a hot area (Defence, Lahore Cantt, Model Town), properties do not last for long – spending money on home staging is not necessary. They believe buyers should compare the properties (when one home is staged and the other is not) based on the quality of construction materials and condition – not on the appearance due to staging. The fancy towels and expensive washroom accessories may take your eyes away from the chipped tub.

After reading this, we get two opposing opinions – one who believes staging is essential while the others state that staging does not contribute to higher selling prices. They say that staging is not the only factor that contributes in a higher selling price, as here in Pakistan; buyers do not make their decisions based on home staging. They usually give same value to a well-furnished home – equipped with upscale furniture and beautiful wall coverings and a vacant home.

Attractive furniture, good furnishings and beautiful wall hangings that improve the appearance of home can contribute to selling a home faster. However, it does not mean that staging is a waste of money but experts state that you must do staging work within specified budget, especially if you can improve your home yourself such as de-clutter your home, give fresh coat of paint to walls, and mow your lawn. You should not go bankrupt while staging your home. It is also not essential to stage each and every room of your home – do staging of the main living areas and master bedrooms.

In short, before investing in home staging, do as much as you can before hiring services of any expert.

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