Interior Designing Trends - Ideas to Watch Out For


Interior Designing Trends - Ideas to Watch Out For

There is no shame in admitting that it is hard for everyone to keep up with the latest and hottest home decor trends. Not because it is a costly hobby but because the trends are constantly changing and views vary widely from one designer to another. However, with the start of every year, all of us try to beat the winter doldrums by bringing new indoor plants or plan ahead by incorporating softer hues in our homes to make them summer ready.

Read on the following post to unveil the material and finishes that are in trend and the design style will not make a comeback at least in 2019

Bringing Nature in

The design trend I love to see is the enthusiasm for nature and emphasis on the relationship between human beings and nature. Natural, and organic materials such as plants, wooden floors and ample sunlight remind us of the exterior but we see designers bringing the nature in. Stepping away from tech-obsessed interior decor and moving towards fresh, green and natural materials and textures is a great way to create and keep the balance between indoor and outdoor.

All Shades of Pink

Softer shades of pink were the biggest hit in 2018 and we can say confidently that the trendy hue is making its way into home decor. We see designers incorporating blush, dusty pink and bronze in a novel and creative way to renovate the space. Most of the designers are of the view that the warmer tones on the walls and using soft pink to break the monotony of neutrals is all that you need to give a makeover to any dull and boring room and still keeping it on softer side.

Besides softer hues, you can also bring in the warmer peach or raspberry tone in a prominent spot of your home such as kitchen cabinets. This colour is versatile and can give a amazing uplift to your home.

The Curvy Furniture

Gone are the days of big, heavy and boxy sofas because they are being replaced by curvier form sofas, settees and chairs. The trend was hit back in 60s and 70s but was not seen after that. However, it is making a comeback this year and you are already seeing plush velvet and round edges sofas continue to take over. Buying a velvety, curvy, rounded back and beautifully textured sofa is the perfect way to bring the curvy trend back into your home. Curved sofa and chairs look elegant and give cozy and comfortable feelings - which people demand nowadays.


It is not wrong that terrazzo is another biggest interior design trend of 2019. You may not believe but it is an older trend that has come back with modern twist. Made from a mix of glass, marble, granite, marble or quartz chips suspended in a polished cement or resin - terrazzo has become a retro-luxe choice that can be used in washrooms and kitchens, even in hallway.

Larger patterns in a number of shades give a fresh feel to the space and this is why, terrazzo is going to be huge. There are multiple ways to bring this trend into your home, where terrazzo covers everything from floors, to washrooms, to kitchen to even coffee tables.

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