Ideas to Spruce up Your Home for Spring


Ideas to Spruce up Your Home for Spring

Most of the homeowners share a common interest and that is love for a well designed and finely decorated home. Who does not? The truth is that none of us want to spend a fortune or devote weeks to spruce up our homes. Recently, we got lucky to have a sitting with one of our panellists and expert interior designer and without wasting time, we discussed about simple tips and tricks to decorate our homes, make them ready for the upcoming weather within few bucks.

The answer is pretty simple: you need to blend your imaginations with sophisticated colours and textures seeing the seasonal changes in your spare time and you will definitely come up with a beautiful home, resultantly. Everything is fad that you find awe-inspiring and blend well with your existing decor items.

Know the Top Trends

If you are renovating your home to sell it ahead, at a better price, you must talk to real estate professionals or see the work of local interior designers to get an idea what buyers look for in a home for sale in Pakistan. It will help you grab the pointers to sell your property at a better price. Moreover, you will get to know how much capital you need and where to inject the cash to increase the value of your property.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Want to change the dull and tedious rooms in your home? How about painting them to welcome spring in the rooms? A fresh coat of paint is often considered as the best remedy for boring rooms. A new colour can be the most amazing change that you can give to your home without breaking the bank. I would suggest you to pick a new colour from the wheel, which you did not use previously. Be courageous to venture beyond the safe colours of white, grey and off-white to some of the bright choices and distinctive shades such as softer shades of purple, blues and peach. It is experts' suggestion that whatever the colour you select, test them on the bigger patch of wall first and then see it in different lighting conditions both day and night.

Do not Ignore Windows

Unlike winters, when the windows remain out of sight due to heavy tapestry and blinds' they will become centre of attraction during spring. Who does not want to slide the curtains off window in the spring and let the sun soak the interior? This spring, flaunt your homes' windows. For window makeover, the options are endless and choices are countless. If you have large windows, instead of going for blinds or shades, you can select satin, striped, checked or floral print tapestry and create a soft swag. For tailored effect, you can select different kinds of blinds or shutters to complement your room. Believe it or not, it gets easier than said.

Think about a Beautiful Rug

A beautiful rug can always help you make your room look bigger and charming. Without doing much, only a rug can help you make a room look comfortable, cosy and relaxing. You may have seen different styles of flooring but the bare floors give unfinished look or sparse feel. If you are not in favour of wall to wall carpet, do not go for it. You can find a number of stylish rugs in market in different designs, lengths, colours and patterns to suit your home interior theme. Pick the colours that match the interior and furniture of your rooms.