How to pick the best showerhead for your bathroom?


How to pick the best showerhead for your bathroom?

A shower head is a simple thing and supposed to be one of the simple fixtures or bathroom accessories that is barely replaced in time of need - only if they break, or get clogged to a point where you cannot clean them anymore. Despite how frequently we use them (the day begins and ends with a shower), we hardly spend time thinking about the showerhead.

However, now if you are thinking or ever wondered is there any better showerhead out there? Let's us tell you that depending upon your budget, taste, and size of the bathroom shower, you can find out a number of options including a no-frills, wall-mounted head, a hand-held one or a showerhead with multiple jets and sprays. Whether you are looking for a basic bathroom shower fixture or want a relaxing hydrotherapy experience, we are here to help you find plenty of showerhead options that will fit into your budget too.

Standard Wall-Mounted Showerhead

If you are on tight budget or simply want to replace the existing showerhead, a wall-mounted showerhead is your best bet. You can change the wall-mounted head yourself simply by unscrewing the existing one and screwing up a new one. Good thing about this showerhead is that it can work with existing plumbing tools and you can do it over the weekend.

Hand-Held Showerhead

Unlike wall-mounted showerheads, hand-held ones offer additional reach and control with a three to six feet water hose along. Hand-held showers can help you perform a number of tasks more conveniently such as bathing kids, washing your hair and cleaning your shower enclosure. The flexibility that a hand-held showerhead offers cannot match with the wall-mounted one - so, you must try it once and after that you may not be able to switch back to older version.

Top-Mounted Showerhead

Top-mounted showerheads also known as ceiling or rain showers are suspended from ceiling and fixed in a way to give bather a good drenching experience. These showerheads come affixed to a long "L" shaped water hose that attaches to the shower elbow. The arm positions the showerhead directly over the showering person. Installing these showerheads is not an easy job and you will have to acquire different plumbing products or hire the services of experts.

Sprays and Spa Shower Panels

If you are looking for something beyond standard and want to recreate hydrotherapy spa like experience, you must look into the category of premier bathroom accessories to find body sprays and multi-spray shower panels for your luxury bathroom suite. These shower panels are usually installed in vertical rows or on opposite walls to provide crisscross water pattern that can give you body massage from head to toe. Installing these showerheads require experts’ services and extensive plumbing work so it is better to hire someone do the job for you and reserve it when you will go for a complete renovation of your existing bath.

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