How to Upgrade Your Courtyard?


upgrade-your-courtyardCourtyards are private outdoor spaces enclosed by walls or fence – positioned either in the front, on the side or in the back of your home. No matter, how large or small your courtyard is but it is a perfect place for entertaining and relaxing. Everyone may not have access to your bedrooms but many will see your home' s exterior. Therefore, if your outdoor area is not inviting and impressive – it' s time to give it a new look.

Take inspiration from the following ideas to make your courtyard look at its best in the neighbourhood.

Fill the Area

Even if your outdoor area is smaller in size, you can make it appear large and impressive by adding right kind of furniture. Make the most of every inch of the space with stylish table and chairs set, swinging chairs, hammock or comfy couches that can make entertaining your guests at courtyard easier without making you fussy and guests cramped.

Perk up the Patio

A multitude of accessories are available in the market that can turn your smaller courtyard into a perfect spot of your home to enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee or relax with a good book. You can pick up a colour to decorate the space such as a simple white and black colour scheme keeps a lot of design elements from overwhelming the small space.

Get Creative with Lighting

Courtyard usually comes alive at weekend nights when your friends and family members visit you but right kind of lighting is essential to make it look beautiful. You can enthral the guests by incorporating string lighting over the entire area. Moonlighting is another option to highlight the areas of the ground. Coloured lighting can highlight the areas of your landscaping.

Make a Splash

If you are still not satisfied with all the efforts and want to add something more – a water feature can be a great addition. A stunning waterfall can serve as an excellent focal point of your courtyard. Rock column fountains are also growing in popularity because they are easy to install and easier to maintain. And they are also safe for the children. Moreover, water sound also encourages relaxation.

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