How to Make Your Rental House Feel like a Home?


How to Make Your Rental House Feel like a Home?

When it comes to renting a house, being a tenant, you know that there is an extensive list of things that you are often not allowed to do in your home. For instance, you may not be allowed to insert nails in the walls or have wallpapers of your choice or change the fittings. However, this does not mean that you cannot make the house your home. There are several other ways to personalize your rental space and make it feel like your home rather than someone else's house.

Lighten up the space

Most of the rental homes have white walls that we usually want to transform but the fact is that nothing gives a space a cleaner and fresher feel than white walls. Don’t be discouraged to see the white walls but come up with arts and wall hangings that look gorgeous on these walls. This is your first step to personalize the new home. Moreover, you can transform the space by adding new lighting, adding mirrors and lamps to create an atmosphere. You can experiment with a number of lighting options such as hanging strings, lava lamps or LED strip lights.

Add Plants

The new design motto of a number of designers is that you can never have too many plants. Plants and flowers can bring so much lift to a room. They brighten up the space and add warmth and they can also clean the air and remove toxins. Keep experimenting with different varieties of house plants that vary in style and shape. Some attractive, inexpensive houseplants include ivy, spider plant, aloe vera, rubber plant, snake plant, sansevieria, dracaena plants and any succulents or cacti.

Accessorize the space

Yes, it's the small touches that take a room from drab to fab and allow you to express your personality. Decorative vases, candles, ornamental bowls and trinkets can finish off the look of a room and depict your taste to the guests too. Similarly, books are not just the food for the soul but they look great as display items too. Moreover, vintage clocks, lamps and cushions are great ideas for any room.

Invest in furniture with added storage

Rental homes often lack in storage, which in turn can lead to unsightly clutter. You can improve this situation by investing in furniture that come with built-in storage, which is great for storing the extras that don't have a place in the home. You can even use that stack of suitcases as a side table or fill it up with the magazines and items used infrequently. Moreover, you can invest in coffee tables or side tables or foot stools that have hidden storage. You can also buy that bed that have storage drawers underneath but look equally awesome.

Make a statement

Cheap home furnishing stores are life savers but don't fall into the trap of buying everything for your home in a single trip. Mixing up some expensive and cheap pieces, collected from different stores, will add character to your home. Every room must have few statement items such as free-standing lamps, beautiful vase, a designer furniture piece, a classic rug, a painting or even a cushion. These are the items that you take along with every move so it is worth investing in some high quality items.

Remember, a rental home should be more than a mere place to crash at the end of the day. Simpler yet unique things display your personality and add warmth to the space so, always choose things that bring smile to your face and make you feel good.

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