How to Make Your Home Clean, Tidy and Presentable?


How to Make Your Home Clean, Tidy and Presentable?

Are you a careless homeowner or keen about how your home appears to be? A messy home clearly shows that you hardly pay attention to the cleanliness of the space. A spick and span home does not just look neat but also assures comfortable sleep and peaceful mind. Accept it or not but the look and feel of your home greatly impact your mood, so for peace of mind, you should pay close attention to clean your home first and then decor. We deem home as heaven but it can only become heaven when we do every effort to make it one. I am going to pen down few pointers that can help you make your home look clean, tidy and presentable.

Home Cleaning

After spending a hectic day at work, all of us want to return to a calm, clean and tidy home but most of us do not want to make any effort for it. Keeping your home tidy and well-maintained is not as easy as it sounds to be because it needs constant efforts from every member. Do not sit back but play your part. Moreover, shop for good quality cleaning items for your washrooms and bedrooms such as scrubs, wash clothes, room fresheners, detergents and brooms and make it your habit to store them in good quantities. Also keep them in one place so that you can find them easily, whenever you need them.

Keep your Bedroom Clutter Free

Bedrooms should be serene and peaceful so it should always be perfectly organized and neat with minimum clutter around the bed. You may get advice from people to shove the suitcase and other boxes under your bed but I would suggest you to never follow this tip. It will not just make the cleaning job difficult but can also enhance the chances of dust collection under your bed. Mop the floors and sweep it with a good natural disinfectant. Change the bed spreads and pillows cover regularly as often as possible and wipe all other accessories such as lights, lamps, fans and LED with a clean cloth.

Clean your Bathroom Properly

Do you feel averted of dirty and smelly bathrooms? If yes, then you must take efforts to clean your bathroom properly. You should disinfect and clean the bathroom on daily basis, if you want a healthy home. Daily cleaning will not take that much time. Clean the bath tubs, wash basins and furnishings regularly and keep the drains unclogged. Keep it well ventilated and fix the leaking taps on immediate basis. Spray bathroom freshener daily to make it smell pleasant.

Kitchen needs Regular Cleaning

It is not wrong to say that kitchen is the hub of our homes, so it needs thorough cleaning on regular basis. Start cleaning your kitchen right after you finish cooking meals. Wipe the stove, counter tops, sink and other boxes immediately with clean cloth. For hard spills and spots, you can use a good disinfectant and kitchen cleaning solution. Replace the kitchen cloths regularly. Keep your kitchen clutter free to avoid mess in kitchen.

Follow these simple tips to make your home look neat and clean. Share your thoughts with us, if you have any specific tip.