How to Make Living Room Always Look Clean & Presentable?


How to Make Living Room Always Look Clean & Presentable?

Cleaning is hassle, especially when it comes to organizing a home or a particular space in the home. What if I say that cleaning is not that much harder as you might consider it? Experts say cleaning or tidying up any part of your home, just by banishing your bad habits, you can make this task easier and keep your place always look spick and span.

And living room is the most apparent place of your home, and it should be truly clean. After all, it's the space where you spend most of your time, where you receive guests and where most of your statement decor is present. Read the post to get hold of your bad cleaning habits in order to get your space pristinely clean.

Don't Get Settle with Piles in Living Room

Look around your living room and see, if you have got piles of things around you - it's time to reconsider. The stack of magazines, pile of clothes on one side chair or a heap of unused blankets are not doing any favours to your aesthetics. There is a difference between having your kids' toys piled up in a corner in a neat way and a pile of throw blankets on one chair. If you can't part with your piles, invest in handy and beautiful storage to keep your living room clean and sorted.

De-clutter Often

How often do you organize your living room cupboards and dust the surfaces? If not often, you must be having bad living room cleaning habits - too much clutter. You are never going to wipe down your mantel if you have to move over a dozen items off it so you tend to avoid dusting it. Think twice before selecting items for your living room in order to make it easier to keep everything looking neat and sanitized.

Not Dusting First

The living room tends to accumulate dust due to frequent footfall. Therefore, if you start by vacuuming first without dusting the surfaces, you are not addressing the problem in the right way. Instead, start off with dusting. Start with the mantles and cupboards, then work your way down. Clean your floors last so you will be catching all of that dust and getting your space truly clean. Also change the pillow covers, cushion covers and throw blankets often on regular basis. Launder them regularly.

Using Dirty Tools

Cleaning your living room needs some real effort. One of the worst living room cleaning habits is to start with the tools that are not clean themselves. Needless to say that clean your vacuum filter regularly. The same goes for your cleaning cloths, rags, sponges or whatever else you use to dust. Don't forget to clean the tricky things such as it is easier to wipe your coffee table but don't forget those frequently touched items including switch boards and remotes.

Do any of these bad living room cleaning things sound similar? If yes, it's time to redesign your cleaning techniques to enjoy a cleaner space for longer.

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