How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer?



As the temperature of the country rises, so does the cost of keeping your home cool – as most of us use air conditioners throughout the summer season. Certainly, air conditioners are the best modes to keep the temperature down during this scorching heat but there are several things that can help you keep your electricity bill down significantly. Here, the idea is to minimize the sources of heat and remove heat from inside. I would not suggest you to switch off your AC this summer but would recommend you to try the following environment-friendly alternatives as well.

Use Awnings

Awnings, a secondary covering attached to the exterior of a wall over the windows, can help reduce the solar heat built-up. Install awnings once and see the significant drop in temperature inside your home, which can further translate into considerable saving of cooling power. In mild summer, it may make air-conditioning unnecessary.

Make Your Glass Windows Double Glazed

Not just in scorching heat but in winters as well, double glazed glass windows pose to be an ideal solution for people planning to keep their home cool in summer and warm in winter. The double glazed glass windows have an airtight construction that serve as thermal insulation and reduces the incoming and outgoing heat flow. It definitely reduces your energy bill by keeping the inner temperature minimum during summer and helps you cool down or heat up your home without paying a lot in form of electricity bill.

Paint Your Roof

You may know that snow reflects UV rays instead of absorbing the heat the way the oceans do. Seeing the phenomenon, the experts recommend painting your roof white as a way to cool down building and fight climate change overall. The more buildings are covered with lighter and heat reflective surfaces, the saving would be massive and the buildings will be cooler. You can paint the roof white or paint it with a specially formulated reflective paint. The reflective effect will help you keep the rooms cooler.

And the last but not the least important point is to insulate your home NOW. Insulation can also help you cut cooling costs.

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