How to Avoid Coronavirus When You Leave Home during Pandemic?


How to Avoid Coronavirus When You Leave Home during Pandemic

Experts say that never leaving your home during the coronavirus pandemic is the only and most effective mean of prevention. It reduces the chances of infection and helps containing the disease’s spread. However, in some circumstances where you cannot afford the luxury of staying home all the time, you have to leave the house to either get fresh air or to run errands. And whenever we do this, we are at a higher risk for acquiring or passing along the coronavirus. However, practising the following tips can help minimize your risk, when you go outside.

Flatten the Curve

A lot of us must be thinking that we are healthy and we have strong immune system to withstand the rigors of this infection so, amidst the high alert of staying inside home, we can leave home. The answer is still no because, we all have an ethical obligation to curtail activities and practice social distancing, due to the concern of spreading the disease to vulnerable individuals and put unnecessary pressure on the healthcare system.

Distance, Distance, Distance

Social distancing can mean anything like from refraining yourself from going out and seeing your friends and family members to keeping a safe boundary between you and other while you go out. Try keeping a 6-foot distance from those outside your home, no matter where you are outside your home. Even during grocery shopping, keep the distance and practice social distancing anyway. If you see someone coming near to you, the easiest thing is to step back or politely ask them to move behind.

Use Your Knuckles or Elbows instead of Fingertips

If you are still in a situation, where you will have to press the buttons with your fingertips – stop immediately. Any time you have to open a door, push a button, pull a lever or digitally sign for something, use a different body part instead. Make a selection on digital screens with the knuckles instead of finger. Similarly, push open the door with your shoulder or use your foot instead of hands. You can flip on a light switch with your elbow and wrap tissue paper around your hand to open the doorknobs.

Look, where You Put your Phone

We are advised time and again to use disinfecting wipes on phones, if we take them out. However, a smart idea is to avoid placing the device on any surface to begin with. Do you really need to take your phone out of coat pocket or bag, while you are in bank to withdraw cash? Remember, the less you can expose your phone to the shared surfaces, the less you will have to worry about it in the first place.

Wash Your Hands Every time You Get Home

Along with social distancing, washing your hands thoroughly is one of the best defences against coronavirus epidemic. Give your hands a thorough scrub each time you get back home. 20 seconds is the experts’ recommendation. It may seem like ages but it’s easy to do, if you go slowly.

And last but not the least important thing is that we know the highest risk of acquiring coronavirus comes from person to person transmission. Play it safe nowadays by setting the cash aside for now and relying more on cashless and contactless payments.

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