How to Add Value and Space to Your Home before Sale?



If you want to sell your home on immediate basis and also want good returns, it must have some oomph and character to get an edge over others in the neighbourhood. It is not wrong if I say that you will have to bring life to your property before selling it, especially in the developed housing societies where people demand style and luxury along with facilities.

Major conversions can be fruitful for you; though it takes time and money but it guarantees to garner excellent returns. However, it is observed that the sellers barely pay attention to these points despite the fact that just by doing few things; you can add up to 15% to the selling price.

In the following post, we will recommend few such tricks that are low-cost, but can help you uplift your property and add a "WOW" factor when prospective buyers visit your place.

Here are some wonderful ideas to boost the value and maximize the space of your home:

Lick of paint

Although only a single coat is cosmetic in nature, but it can make your home attractive. This activity will add calmness, give a touch of cleanliness, hygiene and cared for to the buyers.

Some basic improvements in timber and tiles

If some items are giving conventional and dull look to your home, you need to update or replace them. You can update the furniture items that are boring, replace those tiles and tapestries, window panes, and even timber that are old and improve the look by adding potted plants, mirrors and glass in your home. It is because first impression matters the most.

Car Parking

If you live in a city where there is only a small garden in front of the house, it is worth converting this space into a car parking. Through this cost-effective way, you can add charm and value to your home.

In developed societies, the officials do not allow extra construction and you need to get permission before changing the floor plan. If you are allowed, you can engage an architect to improve the premises.

Install new kitchen equipments

Installing a new kitchen equipment is also a wonderful way to add more value, if you want the best price because some families need it and you can get some extra amount through this way.

Loft Conversion

It is not suitable all the time because you need good amount for it, but if you will take this decision, it is for sure that you will get almost 15 to 20% more than your requirement before it.

Additional Washroom

Normally, the buyers want attached baths with all bedrooms and for drawing room as well. By spending a small amount, you can add an additional one, which will help you increase the value of your home.

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