How Can I Make My Bedroom Eco-friendly?


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Bedroom is heart of the home. Yes! And not the kitchen. Why? Because according to an estimate, an average adult spends around 9 hours in a day in the bedroom. Hence, it is one of the most important rooms of the home.

Therefore, this room must be serene enough to help you unwind and get a good sleep by the end of day. As we are becoming more environment conscious, one thing is for sure that a bedroom should not just be a comfortable place, it should be green and eco-friendly, too. Creating an eco-friendly bedroom is not as difficult as you think, read on the following post to find out tips that will help you make your bedroom more attractive and eco-friendly.

Why to choose a sustainable lifestyle?

Before moving on to the tips, it is imperative to address the question that why one should choose a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle? Global warming is no joke. Being aware of environmental concerns, we all know about the challenges that we face in form of smog, rising mercury and sea level – thanks to global warming. Moreover, the rate at which we are utilizing natural resources is far higher than the rate at which they are being replenished. Resultantly, we are made to leave a bad quality of life for our descendants.

And to transform this world into a better place to live now and leave it in a better form for our forth-coming generations, every individual and every household can play their role by shifting from conventional means to green living. And turning our bedroom into an eco-friendly place, it can benefit us in a number of ways including:

  • Low carbon footprints
  • Conserve energy
  • Efficient energy sources
  • Lower utility bills
  • Improved health
Now let’s move to the actual point and see from where we can start and take baby steps to make our bedroom eco-friendly.

Decluttering is the first step

Standing in the middle of our bedroom with cupboards wide open, we can see how much we have that either we have not used from ages or laying around in the hope to see sunlight, one day. And separating such stuff or clothes from the ones that are in regular use will be the first step to create space and reduce waste. From decluttered stuff, you can pick stuff that can be re-used, recycled and separate from the ones that will go to landfill site.

Learn to declutter often, it will help you be generous so you can donate the unused items to others – instead of keeping them in cupboards with a hope that you will use them one day – whether these items are clothes, towels, bed sheets or blankets.

Eco-conscious furniture

If you have made up your mind to move one step ahead on the ladder of creating an eco-friendly bedroom, take up the next challenge. Buy second-hand furniture at first but if this is not the option then go for the furniture that is made from sustainably sourced wood or some other natural material such as bamboo. Bamboo should be the most preferred option as it is stylish, sturdy and sustainable since it grows back fast.

You must look for furniture items that are made of sustainable materials. And not just bed but dresser, nightstands and even bedroom chairs should be made and finished with eco-friendly materials, have low-VOC paints and glues.

Note:Don’t buy things made of plastic materials, as plastic is the biggest form of pollution and a major environmental concern.

Be concerned about the indoor air quality

If you spend almost 9 hours per day in your bedroom, you must be concerned about the air quality that you are breathing in. The air around you should be as clean and healthy as possible, as it directly affects your health, sleep and mood. On the contrary, inhabitants hardly focus on the quality of air in their bedrooms. Remember, it apparently may smell fine but there could be toxic VOCs and allergens present in the air.

You can enhance the indoor air quality without utilizing aerosols or artificial air fresheners. One of the best options is to use an air purifier, designed to remove toxins from the air. Always make smart and well-informed decisions to improve your home and contribute to the planet in a sustainable way.

Paint and flooring

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and all VOC paints and varnishes are harmful for our health and environment, too. You must have experienced the repugnant smell of new paint, this smell comes from VOC. It is extremely hazardous for human health and extremely toxic for children.

Therefore, experts suggest to paint your new house with low VOC paint or non-VOC paint option. And same goes for flooring. If you want to go for wooden floor, choose bamboo floor. If you want carpeted floor, choose carpet made of natural items such as hemp. Always inquire about the carpet materials before picking one, as you need not to buy carpets made of benzene, formaldehyde or xylene. These are not natural materials and can be toxic for your health and environment.

Lighting and electric appliances

It is equally important to focus on the lighting sources and electric appliances and pick the environment friendly options. Replace your air-condition (AC) with energy efficient option. Replace older bulbs with incandescent or LED light options. Avoid having compact fluorescent lighting, which has mercury and can be toxic for environment. Why? Because fluorescent bulbs emit UVC and UVA rays than other lighting options. LED lights are pocket friendly, environment friendly and safer options.

Always use electric appliances in your bedroom, when you are there. And make sure to switch them off, before leaving the room. Get good quality air purifiers and if possible replace them with natural plants.

Green living is the need of the hour and we must take baby steps from our home. After reading the blog, you must have an idea that adopting a green lifestyle is not as drastic as it is always depicted. It is a slow process and you can start with adopting one change at a time. Visit our blog page ff you are interested to know more about this topic,  and do not forget to check our Facebook page to stay updated about Pakistan real estate sector and life around us.

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