Home Staging Ideas to Sweep Buyers off their Feet


Home Staging Ideas to Sweep Buyers off their Feet

Gone are the days when buyers used to visit a home multiple times before finalizing the deal. In today's ultra-competitive real estate market, potential buyers make up their minds usually within seconds of stepping into the property. Therefore, it is essential to make your home appealing, welcoming and completely clean. Your friends may suggest you hiring the services of professional home stagers - who are definitely professionals. But what if, we will reveal their secrets and tell you that home staging is all about a wide array of optical illusions and psychological tricks that draws buyers' eyes to all the right places.

Never Leave a Room Vacant

Home buyers do not come to see the walls but they come to see the place and imagine their lifestyle there. Therefore, your place must not just look attractive but welcoming and full of life as well. You may think of emptying the space and remove all the furniture but home stagers think differently as emptiness can make rooms look dull, boring and lifeless. Professional home stagers manipulate your visual perception of a room using the right kind of furniture. Staging home with right furniture helps potential buyers establishing the home's actual size and helps them visualizing how they can arrange their own furniture.

Buy Stylish Furniture

Before buying a piece of furniture, think about furniture usability. You must select furniture that suit your lifestyle and consider for how long you plan to keep that particular piece. Moreover, when it comes to home staging, you need to decide where to place which kind of furniture. For instance, placing a large piece of furniture on either side of an entryway or near door makes a room look small, while placing such pieces farther back in the room near walls make rooms appear bigger and attractive.

Don't underestimate the value of right rug

When it comes to making your room attractive, the most important item besides furniture and decorative items is a rug. We all know how the right floor covering can tie a room together. And in every living room, the rug is the most valuable item so it should be the first thing you consider when planning home staging or even designing the layout of your room. If you are planning to shop for rugs, remember: A too-small rug can make a room look smaller. You must remember another rule of thumb: The front two legs of each piece of furniture should be on the rug. If they miss the rug - even by an inch - your rug is too small.

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