Home Improvement – Things You Must Toss Out Your Kitchen Now



Homeowners face a constant battle between cleaning your kitchen cabinets and stop more stuff creeping in. You may think your living room closets are the biggest clutter pits but another underrated area where you collect crap is your kitchen drawers and cabinets. If you have not noticed it yet, just open the cabinet and see the overstuffed cabinets with expired cans of food, useless or out of order appliances and extra packets of crisps that you stored months ago.

At the beginning of New Year, take a fresh start and start tossing it all from your kitchen. Let' s make a list for your convenience.

Mugs & More Mugs

You may know that you already have a huge pile of mugs in the rack but you drink your tea or coffee only in your favourite cup. Just think, what other cups are doing in the cupboards – just fighting for shelf space. Remember, if you have not used most of your mugs from sometime, it is the right time to pack them and give away to any of your friend.

Expired Spices

Definitely, you are right to think that they would not make you sick like spoiled milk but these spices lose the aroma and flavour after some time so why to keep a bunch of these bottles, when you cannot all of them. Do not use them after expiry date and if the expiry date is not mentioned on bottle, do a taste test yourself.

Useless Storage Containers

If there is no lid, the container is useless so it is the high time to line up your myriad containers that are cracked, or chipped – and toss them out of your home. However, if you can arrange all the lids and containers, do it now so that you do not need to throw them out.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets

If you have butter storage container, banana slicer and the novelty kitchen gadgets (once you thought, are cool) that you have not used in years – there is really no need to keep them in your kitchens. In fact, even few seemingly useful tools should go in the trash, if you have not used them since you purchased.

Restaurant Napkins & Plasticware

It seemed like such a good idea at the time to grab as many napkins as you can and nabbing all those ketchup and mayo packets while leaving the restaurant. You know what? It is not as enticing idea as you initially think. You won’t remember you have them when your regular ketchup bottle runs out; you will also forget to pack them for your trip. Therefore, you need to toss them now and promise yourself not to bring any such thing next time in bulk.

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