Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021


Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

It is not wrong if we denote 2020 as the longest year and this year has actually proved that home is everything - the office, the gym, the school and even the social place too. Therefore, people have been looking for not just conventional winter décor ideas but fresh ideas to brighten up the space and energize the home in the new year.

Previously, a shopping mall was considered just a cluster of retail outlets, where you used to go and buy whatever you need. However, the concept of shopping malls has proliferated and completely changed the role, they were previously playing. No longer are they attached to shopping only but now they have become focused to provide experience to every sort of visitors that go hand in hand with shopping..

With "Home décor trends" as a top search query in Google, we could not help but check in with industry’s top experts to find out more about house renovating and home décor trends for 2021. Let’s reveal what will be hit in the upcoming year.

Sky blue will be the colour of 2021

Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

With Covid vaccination, year 2021 has renewed our senses of hope and positivity, therefore, according to design experts people will see a lot of sky blue design elements everywhere in 2021. Sky blue is a colour of hope and this is the most associated feeling with the new year and that’s why Etsy has declared sky blue as the Colour of the Year 2021.

Sky blue evokes the feelings of positivity thus it is true that we will be seeing masses experiment with this colour and incorporating it in everything, be it an accent wall, sofa throws, rugs or cushions.

Affordable luxury

Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

Another feature that will prevail in year 2021 is affordable luxury and bringing versatility in design. In 2020, homes proved to be everything, where everyone around the globe was forced to reimagine that how to maximize the space to meet the new demands. It had to be a functional home office, so had to focus on creating a living room environment for proper e-learning and had to look into bathroom decorating ideas so that no one feel cramped by living together 24/7 for countless days.

People are excited to begin New Year with hope but they do not want to take anything for granted. They are looking for creative ways to transform less-used spaces in the home and incorporating furniture pieces that can play double role. It means 2021 will be all about affordable luxury, comfortable fabrics and versatile furniture items.

Indoor plants

Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

Having plants in the home is not a new concept but dates back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. However, lately the indoor plants have started enjoying a massive boom in popularity, especially people living in apartments. Just check the hashtags like #urbanjungle and #indoorplants and you will see that Instagram is flooded with gorgeous plants pictures and how people have incorporated potted plants into their abodes.

According to design experts, indoor plants will continue to reign the home design and décor trends and not going anywhere soon. Indoor plants do not just look amazing but they freshen the indoor air, bring calmness and a piece of nature indoors. And most of all, taking care of them brings peace and clarity to minds. It means bringing plants into the homes make you win at several levels including aesthetics and mental.

Stylish shelfs

Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

Yes, you have read exactly this word. Shelfs are in and they must be adopted by moving the gallery walls away. Stylish shelfs are the new wall trends that are expected to rule in 2021. Shelfs are the new hit and most lovable display items in 2021. This is the reason people will be investing in eye-catching décor items so that they can display them over the shelfs.

Another interesting feature is that shelfs offer creative storage solutions and most of the shelfs look distinctive and come in so many options to meet your décor style too. Moreover, you can find a number of neat selections for every room in the house, be it your kitchen, living room, bathroom or even home office.

Kitchen needs refurbishing

Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

Let me ask you a question, where did you spend most of your time in 2020? Undoubtedly, kitchen is the unanimous answer, as this place was the most used in 2020. Therefore, how about giving it an uplift to your kitchen that may not be so heavy on pocket but can leave a lasting impact. The options can be endless such as painting the walls, changing the cabinets’ colour, upgrading the countertop, adding an island with high chairs, or giving kitchen windows a new look through paint or changing the design altogether without compromising on windows safety.

You may not believe but start experimenting with the small things and you will see how a coat of paint or change in cabinets' design can completely transform the space and make it look like a new one. Change the window size and allow the ample natural light and you will see sudden warmth in the space.

Transform the bathrooms

Home Décor Trends to Continue Inspiring You in 2021

It's time to give your bathroom an uplift because like every other sections, bathrooms are serving multi functions for us. Therefore, re-think that how can you uplift this space, whether uproot your bathtub and install a shower enclosure or replace the old rusty fixtures with brand-new chrome ones or hang a frame inside the bathroom.

Bathrooms must be a place where you can perform your skincare routine or seek out solace after having a hard day with your kids. Whatever you want to do, just review your budget and see what you can do it to welcome 2021 on a positive note.

There you have it - a comprehensive guide on the predicted interior design trends for 2021.

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