Happy Independence Day!



On August 14, 1947, Pakistan was declared a sovereign nation, while taking independence from the British rule and having a territory free of Indian influence in order to let the Muslims flourish.

This year, Pakistan is celebrating 71st year of independence – which is not just a day to promote patriotism or national unity but is also a day to remember all those people who laid their lives for all the upcoming generations so that they can spend their lives without any fear.

Like every year, people celebrate Independence Day with patriotic zeal and zest, indulging in activities like decorating buildings with Pakistani flags and buntings, attending parades dressed up in mostly green and white, visiting national monuments and places of national significance. Anyone can see Pakistan' s national flag being hoisted on almost all public, private and residential buildings on this occasion.

However, you must take a break here! And do not forget to pay homage to all the people who have sacrificed their lives to keep the freedom movement going on and to attain Pakistan' s independence. On this day, let' s pledge to play our positive part in realising the purpose behind independence. Let' s pray that Almighty ALLAH gives us the courage and strength to keep the country on right path to make it the most powerful country in the world.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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