Gwadar – The Future of Pakistan Realty Sector



Every stakeholder knows Gwadar because it has always been an important part of Pakistan real estate sector and it holds the future of real estate investment. On the contrary, it is also true that few people are hesitant investing there due to misconceptions and confusions about the realty sector there and also have concerns about the pace of development there.

Since the pace of development on CPEC project accelerated, the real estate business in Gwadar has been enticing investors to invest there from across the country as it is expected to be a business hub in near future soon after the completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Why to Invest in Gwadar Real Estate Sector?

Gwadar is set to be the future of Pakistan real estate sector due to CPEC and rapid development. And not just the CPEC route but the construction of Gwadar port and other infrastructure projects such as Makran Coastal Highway. This accessibility means an efficient and convenient route through Balochistan. And not just through Pakistan, but the One Belt One Road initiative will link Pakistan with other Central Asian countries, making Gwadar the centre of economic trade.

The port city is the next best destination for investment in real estate because developers have bought a huge area of privately-owned land to launch residential societies in the city. And during the last few years, the real estate prices have been increased manifold. Experts suggest investing in Gwadar real estate because prices are low at that time but are expected to increase in the years to come.

Moreover, the business situation in Gwadar is also getting change from past, due to which the demand of commercial properties has also been increased there, which urges pro investors to invest in the city as the investment will give good return along with the increase in the value of properties.

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