Guide to Take Listing Photos That Sell the Home Faster


Guide to Take Listing Photos That Sell the Home Faster

Ready to put your home on market for sale? You must be planning to photograph it to increase the reach but before you contact a professional photographer, there are few important steps that you need to consider. You need to make your space appear visually attractive in photographs and by following particular guidelines, you are preparing a property listing to have highest success rate. Make up your mind way before the time because if you are not seriously preparing the home to list, you can face the risk of delay, poor response from the audience, no genuine offers from potential buyers and many other hurdles.

Read on the following guide to make sure that you have completed the checklist and now you are ready to put your house on the market.

Deep clean the porch

First impression matters the most, so your driveway must be clean and neatly arranged. It is better to remove cars from the garage and make sure there is nothing on the yard that can block the front view of the house.

Use garage for storage

Usually, the garages are not photographed because they are not the most desirable space in the house. Therefore, you can use it for storage purpose and hide your garbage cans, lawn mowers, tools and other unsightly items as well.

Set the stage

Mow your lawn and neatly arrange the lawn with seasonal plants and flowers. A refreshed landscaping will allow the photographer to yield better images of the property and eventually, positive results.

Deep clean the windows

Buyers do not just look into the living room or are interested in cabinet's storage only. They definitely want to see the outside views from inside the home. To let them do so, be sure to thoroughly clean the window, open the blinds or curtains and let natural light sink in. Allow the photographer to click the picture when the lighting is ideal.

De-personalize the space

Besides cleaning all the surfaces, make sure to clear the surfaces. If your living room has permanent stand of newspapers and books, organize it and place it out of the way before taking picture. Same is the case with your fridge, make sure to remove all the fridge magnets.

Clean the bathrooms

A large number of buyers pay attention to the fact that how the bathrooms look. Be sure to de-grout the tiles and clear the countertops from personal items like toothbrushes. Organizing this area prevents the photographer from having to remove the personal items from pictures, during editing.

Organize the kitchen

You must start organizing your home from kitchen. Kitchen is the first place that people look for, so you must take everything off the counters. It means that your toaster, microwave, blender-any kitchen appliances, utensils, towels, oils, etc. need to find another home. Deep clean the kitchen floor and scrub down the stove top.

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