Green Roofing – Is it Just another Fad or Have Some Real Benefits?


Green Roofing – Is it Just another Fad or Have Some Real Benefits?

A green roof (also known as a rooftop garden) is an addition or extension done to the existing roof of a building for growing flora. These roofs do not just look great but are energy efficient and environment friendly too. Green roofs are covered with plants and include a few important features including waterproofing just to keep the structure safe and undamaged. The trend has been increasing in numbers both in the leading metropolises in Pakistan and suburban areas throughout 2021; thus it is not just another fad but the change is likely to stay in 2022 and for all the good reasons.

Not just covering the old unattractive roofs but these green tops bring excellent benefits along. Let's have a look at the advantages associated with this new trend and why you should hop on the bandwagon.

Environmental advantages associated with green roofs

Temperature Regulation

Nature is extremely efficient at regulating temperature in every season, round the year. Unfortunately, flat roofs cannot do this. Mercury level in Pakistan has been rising continuously, as the severity reaches a new level every summer. They are good at absorbing heat during a hot day and let the heat escape on a cold day. The best advantage of a green roof is thermal performance as they reduce the heat flux through the roof. Therefore, less energy is required to cool or heat the place that can lead to a significant reduction in energy cost. Covering the outer surface is more effective than the internal insulation.

Better roof durability

Green flora or vegetation is an additional layer on the flat roof that acts as a shield for roofing material. A green roof installation will protect the roof from UV rays, extreme temperature fluctuations, wind, rainwater and environmental pollution – thus prolonging its lifespan naturally. By installing a green cover over your flat roof, you are not just conserving the environment but protecting it from natural elements, too. The need for re-roofing will be less frequent, which means less cost over time.

Sound insulation

Noise is the biggest pollution and a huge distraction, when it comes to concentrating on certain things. No one wants to listen to the traffic sounds outside their building and no one wants to get disturbed during the night due to planes flying overhead late at night. The noise level has been increasing in all the leading cities of Pakistan. A green roof acts as a sound barrier because an additional layer of green vegetation provides a quieter environment inside your building. According to a rough estimate, a green roof absorbs up to 30% of environmental noise pollution. Less noise means better sleep and improved quality of life so that you can go to work in a better mood.

Visually appealing

The green roofs are not just environment friendly but they look beautiful, and visually appealing. Gone are the days when concrete roofs or glass roofs were attractive – green roofs are the future. Multi-storey buildings or small homes, if roofs are covered with flora, they are guaranteed to have more appeal than plain or flat roofs. And when it comes to having luxury homes in Pakistan, people want aesthetically pleasant architecture and green roofs play a significant role in attaining overall beautiful design.

Improved air quality

Leading cities of Pakistan have been becoming a concrete jungle and mostly lack of vegetation, plants and flora layers. It leads to an increasing level of pollution, and smog in all urban areas, which also increases carbon dioxide and other toxic pollutants. A green roof makes the most of unused space but help improve air quality because plants absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants and emit oxygen. Green roofs help improve the environment and by installing one, you contribute to air purification.

Economic Benefits...

When it comes to installing green roofs in homes and buildings – they do not just improve the environment but also have financial advantages
  • The first and foremost financial advantage of a green roof is that it can reduce a building's running costs. It will increase thermal insulation, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Besides having improved health benefits and contributing to air quality, a green roof can tremendously improve property value, especially in urban areas with little green space.
  • Initially, installation of a green roof involves higher upfront costs than a traditional roof, but in the long run, green flora can protect roofs from UV rays, and other environmental conditions. If an average flat roof lasts around 15 to 20 years, a green roof with professional installation last longer.

Having a green roof installed in your home is not just a pro step to improve the environment in Pakistan but can also increase the value of your home, while reducing the energy costs. For further guidance, you can consider talking to home architects and designers as they can help you achieve your goals efficiently

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