Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Pakistan Real Estate


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Pakistan Real Estate

Hundreds and thousands of people (both local and overseas) are out there who intend to invest in Pakistan real estate sector but are unable to turn their dream into reality due to lack of knowledge or fear of fraud. The following post is written to enable such people make well-informed decision when it comes to investing in real estate sector. However, still experts suggest you to carry out due diligence for any property you wish to purchase anywhere in Pakistan.

Let,s have a look at few FAQs and their answers for your help:

What is a Khasra?

A khasra is a piece of land that has both a specific number and measurements.

What is Khasra Gardwari?

Khasra Gardwari is a register that is maintained for records of cultivation/possession.

What is Fard Malkiat?

Fard Malkiat is referred to as a Record of Rights and is maintained for the recording of determining the various types of rights , which exist as immovable property.

What is Intiqal?

The mutation or intiqal is the document that contains an order from a revenue officer, who deals with the records of rights that are to be changed, altered or mutated within the revenue record.

Is a mutation a title document?


What is Shajra?

Shajra is a specific piece of land or specific khasra number derived from the plan or map of a village or estate and is used to define boundaries.

What is Survey?

A survey is a map that shows a property's precise legal boundaries, location of any improvements, rights of way, encroachments, easements and any other physical features of the property.

What is the name of the document that creates the title in an immovable property?

The Register Sale Deed, Registry /Baye-Nama, is the document that creates a title in an immovable property.

What is meant by a Sales Deed or Conveyance Deed?

A Sales Deed or Conveyance Deed is the deed document used to convey a property's titles from the seller to the buyer. This document helps you ascertain whether or not the property you are buying stands on land that belongs to a society, builder, development authority etc.

Where do I get the title deeds or documents for my house?

These can be obtained from the department or office through which the title of the property was transferred or conferred.

Which laws generally deal with Pakistani real estate?

There are many laws dealing with Pakistani real estate including The Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Land Revenue Act, 1967, Stamp Act, 1899 and Registration Act, 1908. A lawyer can better guide you on all the laws relating to real estate in Pakistan.

Can residential properties be used as office space by corporate bodies?

It is illegal to run a commercial business from a residential property. However, certain service based industries such as IT services can be operated out of residential areas.

Can a foreigner buy a property in Pakistan?

Yes. Following the completion of the legal formalities foreigners are allowed to buy property within Pakistan. A lawyer can better guide you in this regard.

What are the inheritance laws which apply in Pakistan?

The Pakistani inheritance laws are dependent on religious affinities. For example, Muslims have their own personal laws as do other religions.

This is not all about Pakistan real estate sector, so we promise to come with another post containing questions and answers related to this investment vehicle.

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