Four Smart Home Organizing Tips and Ideas


Four Smart Home Organizing Tips and Ideas

Let's accept it (most of us, if not all) that whenever we hear about some guest visiting our place, we wish we could be more organized so that we don't have to do a lot to make our home guest ready. No matter, how much square footage we have, seeing the things and home, we silently scream, "We need more rooms".

In the following post, we have tried to unveil the ways to make a home more organized than to simply rearrange the closets. Let's reveal the secrets.

Declutter Often

Whenever it comes to organizing the home, it seems like that the space is not necessarily the problem. The problem is that people have too much stuff. I know it is hard to let go of things just because we think, what if I need it someday? And interestingly, we do not find the need anytime soon. If you are also one who do not have courage to throw things away - try doing it once and you will see how calming it feels.

Remember the rule of decluttering! Anything that is broken, worn out or not in use for years must be thrown away. And you will see that your place is all organized and clutter free. The best way to keep a space organized is to declutter it often and extensively and only keep things that are really important and can be used anytime soon.

Under the Stairs Storage

Most of us are living in small homes now and are in dire need of ample storage space. To overcome the storage space issue, many homes have installed a door with access to unused area under the stairs and interestingly, it is often the most misused space in the home. Why? It is because the area is often poorly lit and you cannot feel like standing up in that space.

The place should be properly lit with easy to stand space and must have easier access to all the corners to retrieve our stored items. You must turn the space into slide out drawers and cabinets that can bring out stuff directly to you. It should be effortless to see all at once what you have got stored.

Divide Room into Zones

In our homes, one room has to serve many purposes. Therefore, rather than just throwing everything together, you must create zones within the room to separate the spaces, define the function and make the room organized. For example, the living room is usually the biggest room in the house so you must divide it up as per your requirements. You can generally divide into dining area, TV watching space and hanging out space or toy area for your children.

Who does not want to have a dedicated space for dining table or children' toys but in smaller homes, it is not just an option so the zoning setup works.

Keep a Check on Everything that Comes into Your Home

This is the biggest thing that can help keep your home organized. I know it is easier to walk down the aisles at a store and want every favourite thing especially, on sale. It is hard to say no to any of your favourite on-sale things. But in order to maintain your decluttered space, you should be super picky about what to bring into your house.

Before you feel like getting something, you must look at the functionality of that thing and whether you really need that thing or not. If it does not serve any such function, you must not bring it into your home.

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