Few of the World' s Coolest Homes to Inspire Your Imagination


unique home

Human beings have the tendency to do amazing things such as living anywhere and in any habitat but some just surpass the level of expectations and outdo others. Though we all dream of living in a home equipped with all the amenities, luxuries and facilities of world yet few people chose uniqueness over luxury. Therefore, you will find a number of beautiful, wacky and unique homes around the world – thanks to human creativity and ingenuity.

Let' s have a look at few of them in the following post.

Waterfall Home

The architect has actually designed this house built into the active waterfall on site. It may be, because the owner could not find enough land to build a complete home on plain surface. Located in Pennsylvania, the home is truly iconic.

The Narrowest Home

The architect has utilized the narrowest space in the best possible way. Nestled between two buildings, the Keret house ranges between 92 and 152 centimetres in width.

The Dome Houses

70 dome houses were built for villagers, who lost their homes to earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Now the dome homes look amazing and unique and at the same time, can withstand earthquakes and winds up to 190 mph.

The Cliff Homes

These homes are built inside the blasted cavern of the cliff in Rockland Ranch, Utah. Currently, more than 100 people are living in this tiny town.

The Brick Home

brick home
The name may not sound unusual or different but the home surely is. A man made his home inside a sun-dried brick. The house is in Mexico's Northern state of Coahuila, and is 131 feet in diameter with a huge boulder used as the roof.

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