Few Unusual Homes Around the Globe


Few Unusual Homes Around the Globe

Thanks to our issues like rising living cost, increasing property and construction cost, and over population in Pakistan, middle and lower middle class can hardly think of living in a luxury home.

We can certainly live anywhere but few of us do it better than the rest due to which their homes become centre of attraction for us all. You must have viewed a variety of house designs down the alley of posh areas in Pakistan, few of them are quite usual that can be found anywhere while the others are unique and leave lasting impression on our minds.

Here, we are forgetting one thing that a home does not have to be excessively expensive or luxurious to be unique and attractive for others but few unusual designs can also make a long lasting impression in our memories. In the following post, we have selected few unique yet unusual construction patterns selected from around the world that we will hardly see around us but entice us to visit these properties.

Bio-Climatic House, France

This home is located in Eastern France and seems to give a whole new concept to "environmental friendliness" in construction sector. It is designed as a three dimensional sun-dial to keep temperature low during summers and relatively high in the home for the rest of year. It will certainly cut down the cost of fuel and electricity used to keep home at moderate temperature.

Boeing 727 House, Costa Rica

This is a two bedroom, two bathroom home located outside of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, which is one of the biggest tourist attraction there. Good thing is that it is available on rent for tourists. Though rent of a night stay here costs you far more than a week would at other local hotels and motels options but you get what you pay for. Interior is incredible, and rooms are decorated with local wood panels. You will certainly enjoy your stay there.

Clock Tower Penthouse, New York

An older clock tower in Brooklyn, New York has been revamped to turn it into a triplex penthouse apartment. The penthouse offers stunning views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 7000 square feet apartment also has a private elevator and currently on sale. Do you want to be the luckiest one to reside in this penthouse?

Transparent House, Japan

Do you feel like, you have nothing to hide in your life, if yes, imagine spending a few days in a see-through home. You might get baffled with the idea but this is true as there is a completely see-through home located in Tokyo, Japan. It will certainly be a new thing for you but the architect took the design inspiration by the idea of living in a tree. The home offers plenty of sunshine to the dwellers but not that much privacy. How he blended the both design ideas is pretty difficult for us to comprehend.

Rotating Octagonal House, Australia

At a first glance, this home may not surprise you because it appears to be pretty ordinary. However, something strange associated with it and that is its rotation. The three bedroom octagonal home, originally known as Everingham Rotating House, is built on a rotating pad. Depending upon its speed setting, it completes full rotation between 30 minutes and two hours. Now it must have inspired you.

These are few of the unusual homes around the world and if you want any of these here, you can contact architects in Pakistan to help you getting the one of your choice.

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