E-Commerce Industry - The Budding Business Opportunity in Pakistan


E-Commerce Industry - The Budding Business Opportunity in Pakistan

E-commerce industry has emerged as a revolution in the world of business due to its advanced mechanism of transactional activities across the internet. The industry is still growing at a fast pace and it has evolved into becoming the most dynamic industry around the world. The industry has not only seen its progress in the developed countries with the growth of 70% per year but it is also gaining its popularity in developing countries like Pakistan. In a country where setting up a business is costly due to the lack of economic growth and high inflation rates, the e-commerce comes as an investment opportunity for people with a little capital. It has created a new avenue for low cost businesses to establish their name in the market and has encouraged them to compete among the industry giants on the basis of their exclusive marketing skills.

Pakistan is a place where people are shopaholics but due to their busy routines and tight budgets they cannot afford spending a lot of money to fulfill their shopping desires. The wave of online shopping portals has insanely become popular in a country like Pakistan, where people have to avoid so many hustles for a shopping trip like CNG shortage, load shedding, road-blocks, traffic jams and of course high costs. These online shopping portals have made shopping much easier for people from almost all social classes. The diverse range of products offered by these websites and easy payment methods like credit cards, cash on delivery and mobile banking have enabled people to avoid the hassle of traffic and order right from their cozy homes for anything they want.

The industry that seems like a shopper's heaven, it is also a great platform for the small entrepreneurs to establish their online businesses. The entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries in Pakistan including Real Estate which is one of the most profitable and flourishing industry of Pakistan, have entered the world of e-commerce with a bang. The industry giants such as HomesPakistan have made it possible for the small-scale, mid-size and even the large-scale real estate entrepreneurs as well as local and foreign investors to get benefited from the world of e-commerce. Being associated with the real-estate business in Pakistan, all you need to be a part of the ecommerce industry is to contact a reputable real estate portal such as and get your business and properties listed.

Pakistan is already facing shortage of homes and as per State Bank's report, there was shortage of around 9 million homes in 2014 and it must have touched the 10 million mark now. To meet this deficit, the country needs 1 million new homes on yearly basis. Therefore, experts at HomesPakistan considered it an amazing step as it will not just extend the excellent real estate developments to second-tier cities but will also limit the migration of people to Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. They are also of the view that superior quality developments such DHA Multan will attract wealthy investors and serious property buyers from surrounding cities such as Bahawalpur, as it is easier for them to shift to Multan as compared to Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad.

However, to make any such project instant hit and attractive for people, private developers will have to bring educational institutions, hospitals, parks, commercial centres and other best worldly facilities and amenities in their residential projects. Only then, these societies will become attractive for property investors and buyers alike in real sense.

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