Do You Actually Need a Real Estate Agent?


Do You Actually Need a Real Estate Agent?

When it comes to choosing or picking a real estate agent regarding sale, purchase or rent of a property, the first thing that comes into our mind is commission. Most of us want to skip hiring a real estate agent just to save the commission amount. Agents tend to take 1% commission on the total amount but they usually try to grab bigger chunk like 2% or 3% or sometimes, even more.

Assuming these figures are accurate, is it wise to avoid real estate agents altogether and proceed any transaction without him? Let's find answer in the following post.

Selling without an agent

Selling without an agent is challenging task. You may say that it is easier to put up property on online property portals and get leads. However, an agent is experienced enough to take care of your listing on multiple portals. This is the primary source for most real estate agents who are searching for properties on behalf of clients. Therefore, most of the agents show you properties that are listed on these property portals because they know that there will be another agent for them to negotiate with, rather than having to deal with an unknown or non-professional seller. If you are not willing to put your property on online portals, you do not need to because many homes are still sold through newspapers and classified ads.

Selling home on your own can be quite daunting and difficult and it requires energy and time because you will have to perform all tasks yourself that realtors would do on your behalf.

Difference between sale prices

One statistic that would be interesting but is difficult to measure is the difference in the final sale price for a property sold by the owner and the same property sold by an agent. Even though you are thinking that real estate agents may charge high in form of commission but these professionals can serve an important purpose. Real estate agents generally have a more realistic view of what a home is worth and good agents are adept at getting that price.

Real estate agents can also help you save your time by showing you the homes that mostly match your interest at the convenient times. Another most important function of an agent is to ensure that the contracts and the legal matters are accurate and in perfect order.

Selecting an agent

All agents are not equal. When you consider selling your home, the first thing is to ask your friends and family members for referrals. Referrals from acquaintances and tend to carry a lot of weight and result in preferential treatment because a real estate agent will not want to lose a large source of referrals.

Despite the drawbacks of having to rely on someone else for your property sale, a good agent is worth your money unless you have the education, time and energy to sell your own property. Finding a good agent may be difficult but if you pick through referrals and set your own terms, you would find that the commission you paid is the money well spent.

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