Disadvantages Associated with Apartment Living


Disadvantages Associated with Apartment Living

There are many people around us who choose a house over an apartment, while others would rather go for a luxury apartment than living in a house. Obviously, it depends upon personal preferences, budget and few other considerations but before making the move, remember both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. The following post will help you unveil few of the disadvantages associated with the apartment living.

Restricted Space

When you live in an apartment, you have to make up your mind that it is the space that you have at your disposal and there is no chance to improve it. Moreover, the possibility of making an extension is significantly limited. If you have not experienced the apartment living before, you should consider such limitations in the first place. Using your creativity and interior décor skills, you can make your apartment cozy and comfortable. And soon, you will start loving this apartment living.

Noisy Neighbours

Before finalizing any apartment, make sure that you analyse it from different aspects. Not all the neighbours are friendly who respect your privacy and love to socialize while obeying the landlords’ rules. Almost every building has a couple of problematic tenants whose behaviour is nothing like neighbourhood friendly. And while them being awake, you cannot think of having good night’s sleep. No matter, what landlord says, you must inspect the building talk to the neighbours before paying the token.

Parking Issues

Most of the modern developments have tried to resolve the parking issue by assigning the designated parking spots for all apartments. Still, there are some neighbours who may like your spot better than theirs and always park their vehicle in your spot. And you will see yourself driving around to find a suitable parking spot that you have already paid for.

No Personal Outdoor Space

Living in an apartment can be painful for people who are gardening fans or who enjoy a stroll in their lawn. Before moving into an apartment, see that you would not have any outdoor space to grow your vegetables. All you can do is put some flower pots in the balcony.

Styling Restrictions

Before signing the lease contract, make sure that you have read it thoroughly and have drawn the idea of what you are allowed to do or not allowed to do. In some cases, landlords will specifically ask you not to paint the wall; to adjust some basic fixtures in accordance with other apartments in the building, or to replace old air conditioners. It means that you are not allowed to personalize your own space.

Pet Restrictions

Even if most of the modern developments allow you to keep pets at home and they provide specific place for their outing and for them to play but there are few that impose strong prohibition for all types of pets. Therefore, if you are a pet lover, already have one or intending to buy one soon, make sure that your landlord and your building allows it – otherwise, you will have to change the apartment soon.

Well, we have outline disadvantages of apartment living in this post but soon in another post, we will let you know the benefits associated with apartment living that you cannot find with homes.

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