Decorating with Rugs to Make Homes Look Lively and Better


Decorating Home with Rugs - Make Home Look Lively and Better

All of us want a home that looks picture perfect, chic yet cozy and comfortable at the same time. However, to get such home, you need to be constantly on your toes to rev up the home decor. Alas! We all can't afford such lavish homes but it does not mean we can do nothing to get one. Experts suggest easy tips to decorating any home and that is if you find any room lacks excitement - add a rug there and that alone is enough to make the room lively and decorated.

In leading cities of Pakistan, several people prefer hiring interior designers for this service as money is not a constraint for them. Don't be disappointed, if you cannot as just by incorporating small changes into your home interior you can make a big difference. Handmade rugs and carpets alone can make your home look lavish, luxurious and cozy but all you need is to choose right kind of these carpets for your home.

Why to Pick Handmade Rugs?

Higher Quality: Handmade rugs are of higher quality than the machine-made counterparts. These rugs are woven by hands, ensuring quality throughout the fabric.

Distinctive Design: The traditional designs of these rugs range from bold and bright to subtle and natural, thus giving each rug a distinctive design. When the rugs are entirely handmade, it becomes extremely difficult to replicate the same pattern - making these rugs unique in appearance.

Local Heritage: Rug making is a traditional craft in Pakistan and by presenting these rugs in international markets; we pay homage to these workers and keep our traditions alive. Weaving art is alive in the recent times, just due to these handmade rugs, which are also in huge demand both in local and international markets.

How to Choose Handmade Rugs?

Carpet & Rug Materials

Once you have decided to pick handmade rug for your home, the next step is to choose the material of the rug. Handmade rugs are usually made of wool, cotton and silk and all of them differ in appearance, durability and feel.

Interior designers suggest that before finalizing the rug material, you must consider the amount of foot traffic, the rug will experience in your home. For instance, silk rugs look breathtakingly awesome, give a soft touch underneath feet and are incredibly fine in texture than wool and cotton rugs. However, these all qualities make silk rugs inappropriate for TV lounges, living rooms and dining rooms in our homes. On the other hand, wool rugs are durable, easy to clean and vibrant - making them ideal for rooms that experience heavy traffic.

Quality of Materials

Besides picking the type of material, you must also consider the quality of materials. Pick a good and reliable supplier who can assure you of high quality of materials of handmade rugs. Only high quality materials go a long way and maintain their appearance for many years. Wool rugs will have a luster in appearance without being too shiny while silk rugs will appear shinier than anything. Make sure you are not buying a synthetic blend of materials in name of silk.

Types of Dyes

Like materials, you have option to choose between types of dyes for handmade rugs and carpets. Natural and synthetic are two different types of dyes, which come with both positive and negative qualities. Natural dyes provide rich and unique touch to handmade rugs and stay bright even after years of use but make the rugs more expensive. On the contrary, synthetic dyes provide an array of colours and certainly make handmade rugs less expensive. Therefore, synthetic dye seems to be the right choice when it comes to buying a handmade rug for your home.

Where to Buy Handmade Rug in Pakistan?

After reading this all, you must be yearning for a beautiful handmade rug for your drawing room, bedroom or lounge. Cheer up! As now, you can get these rugs in Lahore, Pakistan. We recommend you to visit the outlets that offer such rugs and carpets and give a magical change to your home.

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