Decor Tips to Turn a Small Space into a Bigger Home



When you are living in a small home, you get to know the importance of every single inch. But just because your home is small, it does not mean your furniture and decor should also be minimal. Most of the people in small spaces get lots of minimal things without knowing the importance of bigger pieces for their homes.

Experts suggest to get rid of clutter and go for larger pieces. Get one large cozy sofa instead of individual chairs – or hang one large piece of art rather than making a gallery of tiny pictures on wall. Smaller furniture makes smaller rooms seem to be even more petite.

If you are also facing the challenge of decorating your small home – follow these designer approved tips to accomplish your task.

Add Acrylic Pieces

Acrylic furniture looks chic and durable and does not take up a ton of visual space. If you do not want to go for all acrylic pieces, you can at least pick acrylic dining table for your small family. The airiness of acrylic pieces counteracts the mess of chunkier furniture like dressers, desks and cabinets and their light weight makes them easy to move around the space.

Pick Multipurpose Furniture

When you go to buy furniture for your small space, consider investing in functional pieces that can be tucked away neatly when you are not using them such as flip-down desks and tucked away beds. When installed on walls, they look exactly like other products and transform when they are pulled down for use. They do not take up any visual space until you need it.

Utilize Large Mirrors

If you cannot do anything else to make your small space look bigger, invest in a couple of oversize mirrors. Large mirrors can be propped on the floor or placed behind the furniture to impart spacious and glamorous feel. Experts suggest choosing mirrors that look like windows or placing mirrors opposite to windows to reflect natural light inside room.

Go for Designer Pieces

If you cannot afford designer furniture for your entire home, it does not mean you cannot go for some design punches. When you have less furniture, you have strong reason to go big with design details. These furniture pieces do not hold bigger space but are big on design.

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