Dear Prime Minister, Pakistan Realty Sector Needs Your Attention!



Undoubtedly, since the general elections took place in Pakistan, the economic sector has started showing signs of stability; be it the plummeting US dollar value, the soaring stock exchange indexes or the talks about commencing public welfare projects. Everything starts appearing fine and making progress. It seems like that country has finally set off in the right direction.

On the contrary, "all that glitters is not always gold", as we keep observing all these gestures and positive signs whenever any political party takes control in the centre. So, the entrepreneurs are still waiting for the good time following the rule that "seeing is believing", despite the fact that they expect a lot from this newly elected government. And Pakistan real estate sector is definitely not an exception.

The officials of the new government have been claiming since the polling day that they will invest more on the people than the infrastructure. It gives a nice feeling to your ears, but can create a great negativity in the minds of the investors and business owners. The reality is that the progress towards developing good infrastructure should continue in the coming years as well because Pakistan is still behind in infrastructure quality and quantity from other third world countries and Pakistani government should not ignore it.

Due to these reasons, it is expected that the focus towards real estate sector will continue to increase in the coming years. Property experts in Pakistan must believe that the trend of developing new societies will continue and the reason behind it the shortage of houses here. The plan of the new government is to build five million houses in Pakistan for those who cannot afford a home. If it happens, the real estate sector will boost at a great speed. It will not only increase the business of real estate agents in Pakistan, but also be helpful in developing the infrastructure of the country as well.

The new government also shows interest in China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which means that the new constructions will continue. This corridor will tremendously boost up the real estate sector in Pakistan, especially in Gwadar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all those cities will be connected through this corridor.

Overall, property agents in Pakistan expect a lot from this newly elected government because they think that the new economic policies will be in favor of the country and businesses will flourish. They also think that the energy crisis and terrorism is in control, so the overall economic scenario of the country will improve in the next five years.

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