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Moving is not fun – no matter, how many times you have already moved, or you are moving to a new home across the town, or moving to another city. Moving to a new home comes with a number of challenges, mistakes and delays (for sure) – contrary to the misconception that the process is straightforward and all you need is to pack your bags, call the movers and crash into your new property in Pakistan.

However, there is much more to consider before, during and even after the entire moving process and you can be left a lot more stressed, if one step goes wrong. Therefore, it is important to watch your every step and address all the pointers to run the day smoothly. There are a lot of common pitfalls and you are tend to make mistakes but the least number of mistakes you make, the pleasant the entire experience can be.

Let’s get hold of major mistakes that you must get familiar with to avoid them while moving into a new home and make the entire process efficient and hassle free.

Leaving your packing for last hour

Packing up an entire home is not a game of hours but it needs weeks to wrap up tasks in an organized way. Therefore, you need to decide at least a month in advance that what will you not need anymore and pack. Only then, there will only be few boxes left to pack before the final day. However, if you believe that you cannot manage it on your own – take help from the professional companies as they provide expert packing services and materials. If you are living in this home for years and now selling your home, do not forget to check our home selling tips to help you secure better deal.

Giving yourself a lot of time to packing

On the contrary of leaving everything to last minute is an equally damaging mistake i.e., starting too early. Starting too early does not just prolong the moving process unnecessarily, it also means that you may pack something that you need later and end up opening the packed boxes and disrupt your peace of mind. Moreover, isn’t it irritating to have packed boxes laying around the house? No one can have a peaceful and normal day to day life around the packed things, as if you are about to move. Therefore, it is essential to set a timeline and follow it strictly and start packing only when the move is imminent.

Picking movers without research

There are a number of moving companies out there but neither all of them have equal experience nor they can match in expertise. It is your duty to distinguish them on the basis of their services and pick the right ones for the job. You can ask for referrals, check online reviews and call different companies to see their offerings and rates. If you have searched on Google and picked any random company that appears in search results, you are going to take major risk not just with your belongings but with your peace of mind too.

Being clingy to personal belongings

While talking to professional movers, we found out a significant point that there is no better time to let go of your personal belongings than during a move. When you start packing things, you get to know about things that you have not used in months or even year and it is of no use, if you keep them with you in your new home. Moreover, the less you have, the better you can plan to move. Moreover, it is more tiring to pack and unpack things that you have not used for long and have no plans to use ahead. When you start packing, sort things out that you do not need anymore and toss them to the charity box wholeheartedly.

Do not equate DIY with saving money

Are you one of them who think that doing everything yourself is equal to saving tons of money? And renting a truck or hiring services of professional moves and shifting things yourself will save you a lot of money? If yes, you are wrong at several levels, my friend. Doing some moving steps yourself can definitely save you some bucks but most of the moves do need professional moving company. For instance, some professional movers offer valuable protection and some sort of liability coverage and insurance too, depending upon the type of move (mostly to another city). Moving companies also provide packing services of delicate items or assembling of furniture items, which you cannot do yourself in a professional way.

Not knowing how to pack

Reading up to this point becomes useless, if you do not know what to do and how to do, especially, when the move is imminent. Take out time for yourself to learn it all. You cannot and you should not leave everything to the moving company because there are some cases, where the moving companies have stolen the valuables, caused damaged to the possessions, improperly packed the fragile items and refused to reimburse in case of theft or damage. Still, if you have not learnt how to pack, at least take a bag and fill it with your valuables and important items. You will definitely thank us later for it.

Forgetting to compare new home with the current one

No matter, for how long you have stayed in this current home. You have arranged the furniture here, bought appliances and collected all the decoration items according to this house. However, when you plan to move to the next home, do not forget to compare both properties in terms of area. If you are buying a new home to move in, do not forget to go through our Home Buying Checklist to help you secure a right property. Otherwise, there is a risk that your items will not fit in the rooms properly. Moreover, the moving team may leave furniture pieces without assembling them as it does not fit into the room.

After reading the post, the most viable solution seems to be working with a reliable moving company and professionals to avoid making serious mistakes that will cost you a lot in the long run. However, if you are looking for more ideas to help you do it all yourself or to help you connect with the professionals – stay tuned to Homes Pakistan blog.

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