Can't Paint the Walls? More Ideas to Colour up Your Home



Living in a rental home usually puts a damper on your aesthetic and design options. With unchanging wall paints, fixtures and subtle paint colours – life becomes monotonous in a rental home but you cannot plan to alter anything there due to the threat of losing your security deposit. Therefore, most of the tenants either suppress their creativity or force themselves to live with builder-grade basic.

But this can be changed. By making your creative side awake and play with existing furniture and accessories – you can add colours to your home and make it more welcoming and warm without losing your deposit.

Wall to Wall Paint

Painting the walls is relatively the easiest way to add colours to any space. Landlords usually forbid tenants to change the interior walls’ paint colour. Think beyond the paint colours and you will find a number of ways to dress up your walls. You can pick over-sized art pieces that feature contrasting colours and speak about your style as well. You can also collect different pictures of your family members in wooden frames instead of traditional white and black and assemble a gallery wall. Over-sized wallpapers or decals in bright shades also add colours to your home.

Add Extra Flair

Rental apartments are often equipped with outdated and boring wood work, fixtures and unaltered flooring. Beige, Brown, White and Off-white are the fixed colours of these rental homes but it cannot restrict your style. Add visual interest and draw attention by bringing in splashy pieces of furniture and decor. Look for furniture pieces in your favourite colour and choose a theme like yellow, coral and red to drown out the drab. Vibrant paintings can give your dining space a zing.

Add Bold Tones

Textiles in assortment of rainbow colours will come to your rescue when you plan to dress up your dull rental home. You can lay an inviting rug at entrance in a trendy overdyed hue or contrasting tone. I would suggest you to stay away from traditional white and beige curtains or carpets and instead go for bright and lively colours. The same goes for bedding. Add bold patterns to spice up your bed, couch, lounge and all.

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