CDA to be Stern against High-Rises in Capital



To avoid any unpleasant incident, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to take stern action of the hazards of unapproved civil works, resulting into the floppy uncovered power wires and broken gas pipes in the plazas, particularly in Blue Area of the federal capital. The authority seems to be pretty concerned about the dangling uncovered power wires, which can cause any mishap anytime.

Besides this, the authority has termed alteration in the structure of the buildings without prior approval from the civic authority as a threat to the structure of the high-rise buildings, especially those having mobile towers installed upon them. The Fire Prevention, Protection Advisory Unit of the CDA has brought into notice of the Building Control Section (BCS) of the civic body – what it termed as an alarming state of the affairs due to highly compromised arrangements in the buildings, particularly in Blue Area.

It is notified to the BCS officials that high-rise buildings and commercial centres in the capital have carried out massive alterations in the structure of the buildings and have poor arrangements in regards to electricity and gas supply. Hanging electricity wires can be seen at front and back sides of the buildings, which are a threat for the community life. The fear of natural and manmade calamities, keeping in view the topography and geography of the city falling into the dangerous seismic zone, means the officials must go an extra mile in terms of special arrangements and advance preparedness much before any untoward situation.

Anticipating the situation, the authority has directed all the concerned officials to remove all building violations from the buildings, especially in Blue Area and also in commercial centres. And it has asked the BCS officials to obtain structure stability certificate separately from building owners on quarterly basis and to be sure about the specific numbers of emergency exits. It has also asked the BCS to get information about load bearing capacity of the buildings, especially those having mobile towers installed upon them, comparing them with the originally-approved plans.

Moreover, it needs to seek mapping of hazard resulting from the floppy electricity wires, gas connections and other civil works in all the high-rise buildings in capital. It is essential because all such issues pose to be a serious threat to community life and can lead to any untoward situation.

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