CDA to Construct Thousands of Low-Cost Housing Units in Islamabad


CDA to Construct Thousands of Low-Cost Housing Units in Islamabad

In this week, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) board held a meeting with the Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed chairing the meeting. After which, it was announced that the civic authority will commence the construction of 4,400 low-cost housing units in the federal capital of Pakistan. The project will be established in Alipur Farash area.

It is a part of the key project
Naya Pakistan Housing Project

that was announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide affordable houses to the underprivileged people throughout the country. It is a bold initiative of recent government and comprises of a number of housing projects located across all major cities of Pakistan.

It is the first time that federal government has planned a diverse housing project in collaboration with the provincial government. During the meeting, a roadmap was discussed to deliver low cost housing units in Islamabad and few other development projects.

Development in Islamabad – CDA’s plan of action

A notable one was to establish Metropolitan Police to increase tourism and to help local citizens at public places, particularly at parks and other tourist attraction spots. The Metropolitan Police will be developed in collaboration with the Islamabad Police as an aide to them. Initially, 200 officials will be recruited to gauge the outcomes of this step.

Another development project that was discussed in the meeting was the new road network. It was mentioned that Margalla Avenue (33 km from G.T. Road to D-12 and then from the edge of Constitution Avenue to Bhara Kahu), I.J.P. Road and the proposed 10th Avenue are considered to be constructed. The construction of road project will be done through the Ministry of Defence’s Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) or the National Logistics Cell (NLC).

The civic authority recommends these arrangements but the final decision will be taken by the federal cabinet. The decision is left on the cabinet because defence installations were located in a portion of the alignment of these roads and readjusting them can escalate issues with the defence ministry. As soon as the authority receives next orders, the development work will be started.

Low cost apartments, Islamabad

The apartments will be allotted to deserving persons of slums and katchi abadis through the CDA and the beneficiaries of Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority through auction.

Other initiatives under Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP)

Unveiled back in October 2018, Naya Pakistan Housing Program is the Prime Minister Imran Khan's flagship housing plan. The program aims at building 5 million low cost and affordable housing units across the country. During the launch, the Prime Minister revealed that the target of PTI's government is to ensure provision of 5 million housing units for the lower income segment of the society during the five years of rule.

The pilot project had been launched in seven districts including Faisalabad, Sukkur, Quetta, DIKhan, Islamabad, Gilgit and Muzaffarabad – where NADRA would help collect basic data of the applicants through registration. Up till now, a number of projects have been introduced, which will not just part the gaps of requirement and availability of housing units in the country but is also creating employment opportunities for thousands of people.

Under this project, 135,000 new housing units are announced to be built across country in the first phase. 25,000 apartments were to be built in Islamabad for federal government employees and 110,000 apartments are to be constructed in Balochistan for fishermen of Gwadar.

A ceremony was recently held in Hazro by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) under NPHP to distribute
allotment letters

to under-privileged people. Allotment letters of 400 three Marla and 189 five marla plots were distributed in Hazro, Attock district.

60 percent of the development work has been completed on this housing project. The government is concerned and striving to provide low-cost residential plots and houses to the people in other districts of the province as well. Just in Hazro project, there was a massive response for this project as 459 applications were received for three marla plots category and 950 applications were received for five marla plots.

Under the Prime Minister’s direction, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has also announced a mega apartment development project in
LDA City, Lahore

– which is in line with the incumbent master plan of 5 million housing project. The authority has secured 800 kanals within LDA City and announced a mega multi-storey apartment project, comprising of 4,000 low-cost apartments. To speed up the process, the civic authority has already signed an agreement with Bank of Punjab of PKR 10 billion for the construction of these apartments.

As per details, it is revealed that six contractor companies have filed their bids for building 256 apartments under package four of phase 1. LDA had announced four tenders for the construction of two blocks in each case. There will be a total of 32 apartments in each block.

Apartments will be spread over 650 sq. ft. and the price will be around PKR 2.7 million. These apartments can be booked by paying a meagre 10 percent down payment. The remaining amount is would be payable through easy instalments, which will only start once the possession of constructed unit.

It is joint venture of LDA and Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA) that would be funded by the banks as per the State Bank of Pakistan policy on Islamic banking. And instalment plan would spread over 10 to 20 years. An apartment would cost approximately PKR 2.7 million and the allottee would have to pay mere PKR 270,000 initially but PKR 300,000 is a subsidy from the NAPHDA that would make the initial payment PKR 570,000.

Another notable fact is that the instalment will start after the owner is given possession of the apartment which means the allottee will not have to pay anything during the first 18 months of construction work.

Providing low cost homes to the people is a great initiative that was ignored by several governments but PTI’s government has not just announced the project but took practical steps to provide affordable homes to the ones, who cannot afford their own house. The project is highly appreciated by industry experts and all are waiting for the final outcomes that includes construction and deliverance of these homes across Pakistan.

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