CDA Asserts to Follow Bylaws for Residential Societies in Zone II, Islamabad



It is not wrong to say that Zone II is attractive and the most sought after investment option in the capital. It had become instant hit when the area was chosen for the construction of New Islamabad Airport. And as the launch date of Islamabad Airport is inching near, more and more number of people are becoming interested in finding investment opportunities there.

The multi-billion dollar project offers extensive road network for easy access of twin cities’ citizens along with well-developed public transportation network. However, seeing the vast and empty land pieces, you cannot construct housing societies or homes according to your wishes. All the builders and property developers must keep the CDA regulations in view before commencing any kind of construction activity in Zone-II, Islamabad.

Private property developers are allowed to buy land in Zone-II for converting it into residential society but only after acquiring permission from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). And prior to apply, following conditions must be met:
  • You must have the capacity to acquire at least 20 acres of land in Zone-II to develop a residential society.
  • The architect or the designer of the society must be registered with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP).
  • Boundary walls around the society must be erected following the regulations of a standard sector, as per provision of Master Plan of Islamabad.
  • Development process should also be according to the layout and services plan approved by the CDA.
  • Sponsors need to get the approval from the authority on their own.
  • All schemes on land reservations will belong to the Authority.
  • Developers need to construct an independent sewerage system for their residential societies.
  • Once the development starts, the developer can obtain the Completion Certificate after showing the progress – then possession can be given on the available properties.
Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will regulate land under construction. The CAA has also specified that the developer must leave Structure Free Zone within 200 yards of Islamabad International Airport.

CAA has marked an area of 7 kilometres in length as another Structure Free Zone, each approaching a funnel of the two runways. These measures are taken considering the future expansion of airport in the years to come.

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