Best Real Estate Investment Options in Islamabad



Islamabad, one of the most beautiful cities not just in Pakistan but across the world, always attracts people who want an abode in a serene surrounding. It is federal capital of Pakistan and like every other capitals, Islamabad boasts an exclusive yet luxurious lifestyle for aristocrats who can afford it along with living in lavish homes. Therefore, not just the celebrities, politicians and the several multi-billionaires call it their home, but the city also appeals to regional and overseas tourists.

You must have heard that Islamabad is just for rich but the things have changed now as developers have launched a number of residential societies within reasonable price range for middle class. Here is a list of new residential projects in Islamabad.

Top City-1

Top City-1 is a newly introduced residential society lies at the junction of Motorway M-1, M-2 with direct access from Kashmir Highway Extension. Currently, it is an under-developed housing society but it is being considered as one of the best investments in 2017 due to a number of factors such as close proximity to Kashmir Highway, inauguration of new airport and launch of metro bus service in Islamabad.

We have already seen a considerable hike in property prices since the society was launched and we can expect further rise in prices provided the government ensures timely completion of underlined projects.

Park Enclave Phase –II

Park Enclave Phase-II is the expansion of Park Enclave Housing Project, and the development is taking place to facilitate more residents with higher level of facilities. The developer has completed the phase-I of the society in record time and timely completion of phase –II can also be expected. Park Enclave is located near the famous Islamabad Club, which is considered a prime location. Additionally, it can also be accessed from Kashmir Highway, Lehrar Highway and Islamabad Highway.

This impeccable gated society already offers every facility that residents need to enjoy a peaceful and complete lifestyle. You can book a residential plot by simply filling out the form available on their official website.

Bahria Enclave

Bahria Enclave, Islamabad is located on Kurri Road around 5 minutes drive from Park Enclave. The project boasts high standards of development along with growth potential. With more than 50 percent of the society is already developed, Bahria Enclave is considered as an ideal place for investment as well as for residence in Islamabad. Developer promises to develop the remaining society on priority basis.

We have seen a considerable increase in plot prices as the developer announced possession in several blocks, due to which new houses are being constructed there. The society seems to follow the positive trends not just in 2017 but in the next year as well due to genuine buyers and investors’ interest.

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