Belt Road Initiative to Deliver Real Estate Boom in Sector


Chinese Investors Keen to Tap Potential of Pakistan Real Estate Sector

Since the Chinese president Xi Jinping announced the Belt Road Initiative in 2013, the project was perceived as a one-sided, Chinese ambition alone. A few considered it a new avenue to jumpstart the Chinese economy before it slows down and the rest felt it a well thought-out plan to create a new world order.

At a recent Belt Road Forum for International Cooperation, it is revealed that China is increasingly taking a global bent. This is a significant move demonstrate that the Belt Road Initiative is not just a Chinese dominated one but it is a platform for globalisation and co-operation with both positive and negative implications for all the countries, investors and companies involved. Let' s evaluate the BRI' s effect on the real estate sector.

Building Opportunity

What Belt Road Initiative (BRI) means for real estate is equally important to know. Previous BRI-related development projects seemed to be Chinese-built projects such as: a Chinese developer takes over the land, constructs the infrastructure and also builds the nearby projects – thus making the land a complete Chinese city within a city. It may create a little bit tension among local developers in Pakistan where China Pakistan Economic Corridor is being developed.

However, now the plan has changed as projects are now open for foreign participation with the Chinese underpinning efforts by improving infrastructure capacity. These foreign investors will support BRI ventures, especially for real estate developments.

Sector' s Boom

Belt Road Initiative (BRI) provides opportunities for Chinese investors and developers to expand for sure but opportunities are there for local developers as well in countries such as Pakistan. Not just real estate but the Chinese companies are also cooperating with local corporate companies in BRI countries to meet the impending demand for communication services such as Alibaba' s payment affiliate, Ant Financial Services Group, will be introducing an Alipay mobile payment system to BRI economies, which would in turn boost financing options for small-to medium enterprises there.

With the Chinese corporate companies paving the way, cities located along the BRI routes in all the countries are on the track for growth.

BRI' s massive scale spanning 65 countries across three continents highlights China' s capacity for overseas investment. It' s infrastructure undertakings have opened avenues for global investors and real estate developers to consider the positive outcome in the countries located along the BRI route.

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