Beginner' s Guide to start a Home Garden



Starting a vegetable garden at home may not seem an easy or commendable thing but it is worth it – as it helps you save money. The Rs200 tomato plant can easily provide you with several hundred rupees of fruit over the course of season. Moreover, it is not just about saving money but planting a garden at home also gives you the pleasure of savouring a delicious and sun-warmed fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs right from your own garden. And in almost every case, the texture and flavour of varieties that you can grow exceed the grocery store produce.

Additionally, home gardening is a never ending fun. You can spend a great time with your kids outdoors in the sun, especially in winters. Before enjoying all the benefits, it is equally important to know that you know how to plan a garden, what to plant in a garden and how to turn them into the best harvest. Read on to answer all of such questions.

Determining the Space, You need

Before you decide what to plant in your garden, it is important to figure out how you plan a vegetable garden with the right amount of space. I would suggest you to figure out what to plant in a garden with vegetables for that you do not need a large space to begin. If you choose to grow in pots or containers, you do not need a yard – an empty balcony may provide plenty of space.

Remember, a kempt 10x10 foot vegetable garden will generate much more than a weed-filled and unkempt 25x50 foot bed.

Deciding What to Plant in a Garden

At first, when you plan what you are going to plan in the garden, it is better to start small, especially, if it' s your first attempt. Many gardeners get a little too excited at the beginning and as the season starts, they plant more than they need and end up wasting produce as feeling overwhelmed by their venture.

I would suggest you to take a look at how much you can consume when you think about planting a vegetable garden. Keep in mind that vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers keep providing throughout the season – so you may not need many plants to serve your needs, while others such as carrots and radishes produce only once in a year, so you should plant seeing your needs.

Picking the Perfect Spot for Garden

No matter, how big or small your vegetable garden is or what to plant in a garden – remember the rule of thumb to be successful.

Ample Sunlight Most of the vegetables need at least 6-8 hours of ample sunlight. If they don’t get enough light, they won’t bear as much and they will be more susceptible to attack from insects and diseases.

Plenty of Water – Most of the vegetables are not drought tolerant so you need to give them a water splash drink during the day. Therefore, the closer your garden is to a source of water, the easier it will be for you.

Fertile Soil – With any kind of garden, success starts with the soil. Most of the vegetables do best in moist, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.

If you are interested in learning more about home garden, do let us know through comments section. More will be revealed in another post.

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