Bamboo Flooring is Trending - Is it Worth it?


Bamboo Flooring is Trending - Is it Worth it?

Bamboo floors have suddenly become a popular choice in the recent years, due to being the perfect and reasonable replacement of hardwood flooring. Like all other wood flooring, bamboo is an appealing option for interior designers, architects and homeowners alike, because it adds charm and value to a property. Bamboo flooring being chic and stylish is still an inexpensive choice. It is as hard as hardwood but more water-resistant. However, it can be scratched and cracked, if not taken care properly.

If you are also planning to pick this flooring option for your new home, read this post to decide whether you really want it or not.

Pros of Bamboo Flooring

Durable : We prefer hardwood floors due to their durability and quality to last for long. High quality bamboo flooring also offers the same. They are hard, durable and strong.

Stylish : Bamboo floors are elegant, chic and stylish. Everyone, who draws to contemporary and aesthetically attractive flooring option, must go for this.

Variety : Another quality that makes bamboo flooring an attractive option is its availability in a number of colours and styles. You can pick the lighter or darker shade as per your choice, which gives home a sense of individual personality.

Eco Friendly : In comparison to the traditional hardwood, bamboo belongs to a fast growing grass family and becomes mature in five to seven years. Therefore, environmentalists, experts and architects consider it a more sustainable option than hardwood.

Easy Maintenance : Bamboo flooring needs low maintenance cost and can be easily cleaned with a mop and mild detergent. This is certainly good news for everyone.

Low Cost : Despite being exotic in looks and having unique flair, bamboo flooring is less expensive as compared to hardwood and several conventional flooring options.

Cons of Bamboo Flooring

Prone to Scratches : It is hard to keep bamboo flooring smooth and scratch free, especially if used regularly. Dragging furniture, pets and even pointed heels can damage the floor surface over time.

Prone to Water Damage : As compared to hardwood floors, bamboo is somewhat water resistant but being a natural material, too much moisture can damage it and lead to discoloration, or even mold growth.

Potential to be Soft : If immature bamboo is used for flooring, it will look great initially but will become soft, lousy, and non-durable with time. Only mature bamboo flooring will be harder and durable, so you need to be very careful before picking any option for your home.

Less Versatile : You may not agree to it but it is true that bamboo flooring does not go with every interior designing theme despite the fact that the unique and real feel of bamboo is the primary reason due to which it is picked for contemporary homes' floor option.

After reading all these pros and cons, you must be at a better position to decide whether to pick bamboo flooring for your new home or not.

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