Bahria Orchard - An Affordable yet an Adorable Residential Society


Bahria Orchard - An Affordable yet an Adorable Residential Society

When it comes to affordable housing societies in Lahore, Bahria Orchard tops the list as it is not just one of the most searched residential societies on our portal but termed as the one that even a person with average income bracket can afford. As the name depicts, the project is launched by Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. And like every other project by the developer, the project is equally popular amongst investors and genuine property buyers alike.

It is one of the mega projects of Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd and is easily accessible from Main Raiwind Road, Lahore. Both location and impressive prices make Bahria Orchard an outstanding residential society for both investors and buyers alike. The budget-friendly project is comprised of 4 phases and a number of residential and commercial plots are available in all these phases. You can find 5, 10 and 20 Marla residential plots along with commercial plots located within the society at super impressive locations.

All residential projects that are developed under the banner of Bahria Town Private Limited boast state-of-the art facilities but this project is specifically known to present the accurate mix of amenities, infrastructure quality, location, accessibility, proximity to city landmarks, lifestyle necessities and security. Based on these features, the project is considered as one of the most popular areas to buy property in Lahore. The developer is known to introduce sustainable living concept in this society by incorporating reserved green and open spaces, community parks, playgrounds and gardens in a great proportion.

Matching yet surpassing its previous set records, the developer has paid close attention to every minute detail of the project such as the said residential project offers underground pipelines, cabling and other important connections. In addition to these facilities, Bahria Orchard provides multiple residential and commercial plots in different sizes (5, 10 and 20 Marla) at reasonable price.

Bahria Orchard offers a good mix of residential and commercial plots at prime locations but it also has sub societies with names Green Valley Housing Scheme and Orchard Heights. Bahria Orchard also offers Orchard Villa, Orchard Overseas Block, Orchard Apartment and a wide range of 5, 10 and 20 Marla residential plots. The development plan is divided into 4 phases – from Phase I to Phase IV

The Phase I is completely developed with possession available for all plots. It is located near the Main Boulevard and is one of the most popular phases among genuine buyers, who are living there or buying plots to construct home. It is also not wrong to say that it is a project that appeals to genuine buyers and long-term investors only. It is the inhabited and most populated phase, where a large number of families are already residing and the numbers are continuously increasing with time.

The demand for all sizes of plots in high in this phase but majority of people tend to invest in 10 marla plots the most, just because of affordability, value for money and the optimum facilities for the best living.

This is all for now, the rest of the phases will be discussed in another post. Stay tuned!

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