Bahria Adventura Karachi Pakistan' s First-Ever Theme Park"> Bahria Adventura Karachi – Pakistan' s First-Ever Theme Park

Bahria Adventura Karachi – Pakistan' s First-Ever Theme Park


Bahria Adventura Karachi Pakistan' s First-Ever Theme Park
Be it summertime or winter vacations – parents usually have plans to spend extra time with their thrill-loving children and what better way to engage in fun with complete family than visiting an amusement or theme park? If you are a Pakistani with a fat bank account, you must have travelled many times abroad just for the sake of fun with your children in renowned water, amusement and theme parks across the world. Well, you will no more have to worry about spending hefty amount on visa and tickets to travelling out of your country just to spend some time in a theme park.

Bahria Town management has decided to bring thrilling rides, entertaining shows, refreshing water slides in a theme park, named Bahria Adventura in Karachi. And amazing news is that Bahria Adventura will be opened in 2017, so that you can give your family a much needed escape at the country' s first and the finest theme park.

While describing Bahria Adventura, the developer stated that it is a world class Theme Park featuring most extensive range of thrilling and exciting rides that were never there in Pakistan. With the unique architecture suitable for the great adventures of renowned characters such as Sindbad and Aladdin, plunge into fun and adventure with electrifying roller coasters, huge castles, great Ferris wheels, water rides along with finest cuisines from top-class restaurants and much more.

The project is conceived by Bahria Town developer but it is being constructed in collaboration with the best Italian manufacturers, featuring countless attractions and world' s best rides to bring matchless entertainment for the whole family within their own country. In Bahria Adventura, every family member will find everything for their entertainment to enjoy their trip to the fullest.

The developer claims to provide one of the best entertainment facilities – whether it is a train ride to discover the entire theme park, experience a fall in zero gravity or just to observe the spectacular nighttime – you will not want to miss any exhilarating adventures that awaits for you in Bahria Adventura.

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