Bad Bedroom Cleaning Habits that You Need to Break


Bad Bedroom Cleaning Habits that You Need to Break

Cleaning is hassle and you might make it harder than is absolute necessary. When it comes to tidying up any place of your home, we need to adopt some methods and look for ways to make cleaning easier, fun and faster. Believe it or not, but sometimes taking certain shortcuts may make things harder in the long run. All of us have definitely developed some bad cleaning habits (let's say some shortcuts) that inhibit us doing our job efficiently.

However, January is the right time to break these bad habits in order to get a cleaner home. Another easier way to start is to pick one or two bad cleaning habits to change with time so, you will end up having a cleaner home and more free time for things you love.

Not cleaning under the bed

One of the worst bedroom cleaning habits is leaving the pile of unused items under the bed. Removing it all and cleaning under the bed is a huge hassle. However, it is a whole lot better than sleeping over a huge pile of dust bunnies that will bring allergies for you with time. If you have been using space under the bed to store stuff, pull off every item regularly - if you cannot do it daily. De-clutter things often and discard all the items that you never use. In this way, using the broom or vacuum under the bed is a lot easier.

Using the chair

The one chair is pretty much iconic in every bedroom. Yes, that one poor chair - it is a closet replacement in one corner of everyone's bedroom. Don't fall prey! Break this habit and do not leave worn clothes on the chair from next time. Use your wardrobe to keep your clothes and don't use your room's chair as a storage option. Never let the chair stand between you and the best version of yourself - your most organized self. If you cannot manage it at once, take some steps daily to break the habit

Start your day by making bed

After a long day at work, when you return to home, what do you want to do? You definitely want to have a steaming cup of coffee, your favourite TV show and get under the covers in the bed and relax. The only thing that could ruin this desire to relax after a hard day is to see a cluttered bedroom and untidy bed. It turns out that making the bed in morning is a really an important task. Moreover, it only takes few minutes in the morning. Why don't you give it a try for a few weeks and see how it works?

Ignoring pillows and mattress

Now let's talk about the stuff, which is hard to throw into the washing machine. Talking about the hygiene, never forget about your mattress and pillow. Though they are covered with sheets but need your attention. You need to sanitize them often as they need to be cleaned once in a while too.

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