Baby Proofing Your Home to Keep the Baby Safe


Baby and  stair gate

Children are blessing. There is nothing more amusing and satisfying than seeing a happy child. They are precious; therefore, their safety becomes the primary concern for every parent. Though they are safe in their mothers’ lap, but when they start extending their hands from mother' s lap to the things around them – things should be handled more cautiously.

You cannot keep the babies in lap for long but you can make their introduction to the surrounding world as smooth as possible. In this regard, you need to take care of tiny things like a common pin to bigger items like chairs, and tables in the home. Things can happen in the least expected way and we do not have any idea how it can harm our child.

As soon as the baby arrives, you should start modifying the home as per your convenience and as per the safety of your child. To get the idea and make a checklist of things-to-do, you must read the following post.

A Well Maintained Space

You cannot wrap up every item and put it in store for your child' s safety but creating a well maintained space should be the priority. The TV lounge, the play room, and the floor where the baby play must be well maintained and properly looked after. Even after being sure of everything, you should not leave your child un-attended. Do not get so much involved in your chores that only after hearing the baby' s cry, you will rush to the place to see what happened.

Never hoard things in front of him. Do not scatter toys all over the floor. Do not leave him alone.

Keep Plants and Pots Away

Babies get attracted to everything they see and they want to touch every interesting element, they see. In case of indoor plants, kids are more prone to touch them and even licking their leaves. Therefore, I would suggest keeping every kind of ornamental plants and pots away from children. They may get some kind of infection or may encounter with any kind of insect there.

Keep Toxics Away

Toxics are the evils of childhood life. Babies have gentle organs and delicate skin and if it comes in contact with toxics and chemicals, it can prove to be fatal sometime. Keep every possible toxic thing at bay from your children, be it; detergents, household cleaning liquids, medicines or cosmetics.

Anchor Your Furniture

Crawling babies love climbing up bookshelves and chests of drawers. Therefore, when your child reaches the age of crawling and walking, you must assemble the furniture in a way that the child cannot move anything. Anchoring of furniture is essential, which can ensure a safe place for the baby to play around. Otherwise, you will always be worried about being pressed down or getting trapped between furniture items.

Cords and wires should also be kept hidden, in case you child can give them a strong pull.

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