All about Window Seats Decoration Ideas


All about Window Seats Decoration Ideas

How about having a freshly-brewed coffee, copy of the best-seller novel and winter's sun lightning up the corners of your room? Still something is missing from this perfect idyllic setting and that is a window seat in the room. It is no wonder that window seats are the most loved decor element in a home. They offer comfort, sense of coziness along with views to the outdoors and let's not forget, they provide extra storage, if fitted with drawers and cabinets. It is interior designers' ability to take an unused or awkward space in a room and turn it into charming section that appeals us the most.
Whether you choose to lounge on a sunlit ledge or simply want to perch with a book in hand to enjoy the winter morning - the following suggestions will help you create the right ambiance for your window seat.

Capture the Corner

Interior designers tend to use the leftover space in a room to convert into a window seat. Whatsoever the purpose is, these seats can provide additional storage and you can leverage that. Create a space to sit down and decorate it with plenty of back cushions. Consider a drape on the window seat's upper front face or a tapestry for light control and privacy. These elements will add colour, texture and interest in the room.

Guest-Friendly Seating

Window seats make group conversations more flexible and enjoyable. Whether, you are short of space or want to use the kitchen's back wall to build a customized window seat into a shallow nook - it all adds charm and allure to your living room. Warm coloured walls with minimal woodwork make the window seat a functional and focal point from which guests can enjoy the views and take part in the conversation. The window seat offers a comfy place after dinner.

Create some Charm

Get a window seat designed in the attic space, where slanted or narrow roof design limits your floor seating options. It will add more charm to your room and let guests feel like sitting among the treetops, if you adopt this style for the room on first floor. This setup is perfect for baby's nursery room, where additional comfort is needed. You can add sconce lighting on a dimmer to create ultimate mood for your window seat.
Once you have decided to set up window seat in your room, you can discuss your ideas with the interior designer to get the exact thing that you want such as to make it cosier, you can add plenty of cushions.

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