A Sneak Peak into Studio Apartment Living


A Sneak Peak into Studio Apartment Living

You must have heard that good things come in small packages. When you think about investing in a property asset and holding back your plans for long because you cannot afford a 10 marla home in defence, this decades old adage must come to your mind. The youth can relate to this as they are becoming more and more independent day by day and have clear plans to own a piece of property. Therefore, investing in a small studio apartment is the best option for them. They are cheap, affordable, easier to manage and are perfectly right for the person, who has just started his real estate journey and wanted to be self-sufficient.

Let’s begin!

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a miniature form of a proper apartment, equipped with all the basic features but it is not large in size. They are equipped with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining area and a lounge but all is combined within the living room. They usually do not have a full sized kitchen but have basic essentials of a preparation kitchen.

Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment

Here are some of the major benefits to consider while investing in a studio apartment:

They are affordable

The cost of owning a home anywhere in the world’s leading metropolises is increasing day by day. However, if you are new to real estate and do not have a lot to invest – buying a studio is better option without breaking the bank. The asking price for a studio apartment in any development is way lesser than 1 bedroom apartment and other options in the same development. Certainly, prices depend upon other factors too such as views and number of amenities but investing in studio apartment can surely save you some bucks.

Easy to maintain

Nowadays, when we have limited resources to make our ends meet, spending a lot on home décor gets difficult. Therefore, investing in a studio apartment can be the perfect solution because decorating a studio is a whole lot easier and cheaper. Instead of buying a lot of furniture and décor items for different rooms, you can spend money on a few high quality items that will last you for long.

More Energy Efficient

Having a smaller space to live in means you can save a lot of money on utility bills. How? A smaller space means that it takes a lot less time to cool down a studio apartment in summer and warm up in the summer, which can definitely lead to a lower energy bill.

Multitasking is made easier

While living in a studio apartment, it gets a lot easier to do several things simultaneously. You can clean while watching your favourite show, you can talk to your family while cooking the meal and you can attend your guests too, while doing the other home chore. With no walls around any space, means there is no place to hide behind but that’s ideal to accomplish so many tasks together.

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