23rd March – A Day to Renew our Pledge for Pakistan



Whenever, we think about 23rd March – we think about another holiday, when we can wake up late in the morning and spend our day watching parade on TV, send out patriotic text messages or doing other errands.

Hold on! Is it all what this day is about? You may say no.

I just want to say that while watching parade, enjoying patriotic text messages or expressing your love for Pakistan – don’t forget the ideology and the idea behind the dream.

Quaid-e-Azam dreamt of a progressing Pakistan, where every citizen has equal rights, people are educated and empowered and along with that everyone shares similar values. The dream was so enchanting and captivating that millions of people came together to make this dream come true. They fought together for this freedom.

I want each one of us to renew this pledge of playing our part in taking this country one step ahead, and instead of just saying "I Love Pakistan", let' s do something practically.

Remember, Pakistan Day is not just day when we should praise about our glorious past and celebrate the history but it should be a day when we assess our previous performance and decide how to move ahead.

No matter, we have become an atomic power in a short span but as a nation, there is a lot of work ahead. And to achieve our target, we need to focus on the destination and keep moving.

Let' s promise that we will actively play our part to make a better Pakistan – far better than this year.

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