Lahore Real Estate Sector Promises High Returns on Investment


Lahore Real Estate Sector Promises High Returns on Investment

Due to wavering economic conditions in Pakistan, investors tend to explore different investment options not just to yield positive returns but to protect their finance, too. Not just experts declare but majority of us actually believe that real estate sector is the safest investment bet and a sure mode to make profit in future. Out of all real estate markets, Lahore is considered the most reliable one in Pakistan. Let's discuss what makes Lahore real estate market yield high return on investment (ROI) for an investor?

Pakistan has been facing energy crisis from previous few years, which badly affected local industry. Therefore, instead of initiating any small scale industry, wealthy investors prefer investing their funds in real estate sector. Investing money in varied real estate projects (both commercial and residential) helps investors generating greater profits as compared to investing all funds in one project.

And it can be learnt by analysing the investment profile of multi-billionaire investors, who have made their fortune by investing in different forms of real estate. When it comes to Lahore real estate sector, it has proved to offer spectacular investment opportunities in form of world class residential and commercial real estate projects.

As per findings, "Though Lahore real estate market did not show positive signs for investors in the beginning of year 2019 yet the sector came up with an increase in average price of properties and plots, as the year moved ahead". Later in the year, new taxes halted the progress of Lahore realty market but the effect was neither major nor or as the picture was painted.

Due to increased taxes and novel policies and reforms, the potential investors held back their money and sellers held back their properties as both sides were reluctant to take risk with their investment. Sellers were actually waiting for positive news to trigger property prices upwards and investors wanted new real estate projects from trustworthy developers to mitigate the risk. However, it does not mean that market was stagnant but there was a decrease in number of property transactions. Remember, the dip is always considered as a starter to an imminent high.

The year is expected to conclude on a positive note, as average property prices have been escalating in posh societies and the market is showing positivity and an overall stability. It is also seen that after winding up their businesses, many industrialists have invested their funds in buying agriculture land in bulk around Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad as part of their future investment plan. Most of them intend to use this bulk land for commercial purposes later, when energy crisis will be resolved while the rest has plans to develop small residential housing societies or sell the land by dividing it into plots.

Relatively small investors, who are currently investing in land, have plans to construct homes and rent them out to yield additional income. With the development of new housing societies and new homes available on rent, people can easily find houses on rent in any of their preferred society in Lahore. It will be another form of return on investment.

The above-mentioned stats clearly show that Lahore real estate sector ensures promising returns on investment in any form.

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