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TAD Restored a Museum to Open at Kalar Kahar
Mon, Apr 05, 2021

Tourism and Archaeology Department (TAD) has restored a fabulous museum at a major tourist destination at Kalar Kahar.

The museum was developed in 2015 but could not be used for museum purpose. Now, the Chief Minister of Punjab has directed the department to fully refurbish the building, which would be opened within a couple of days after formal inauguration by Chief Minister’s Adviser on Tourism Asif Mehmood.

The department spilled the beans that the experts have worked enthusiastically and refurbished the entire museum in the short span of two months only. The salt range is considered one of the most important geological and historical landmarks of Pakistan. It has one of the best repositories of zoological and botanical fossils in the country.

“Many Hindu temples of Hindu Shahi period of the 7th to 10th century are still standing in this area”, said one of the representatives. Kalat Kahar Museum will be one of its own kinds of museums in the country.