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PHC to take Stern Action against 46 Quacks
Fri, Mar 15, 2019

 Punjab Healthcare Commission has sealed 46 business centres of quacks. Understanding the seriousness of the matter, the PHC enforcement team has checked 400 treatment centres in five cities, including Lahore, during the last four days.

Out of all the visited centres, 46 quack centres are sealed while it is found during the survey that 142 quacks had changed their businesses. Out of the sealed centres, 17 were in Chichawatni, 11 were in Gujrat and 9 each were found in Kasur and Sheikhupura.

In Lahore, the team had visited 46 centres and sealed 5 quacks’ businesses which includes Aijaz Clinic, Awais Clinic, Allah Ditta Clinic, Khalid Naushahi Medical Store, and Ramzan Clinic.